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Dachan Food (Asia) Limited is devoted to control the quality of the materials to the products, and builds its brand value meticulously. The company vertically integrates the upstream supply chain that is the source of the food chain through traceably managing the all food industrial chain that includes the breeding and incubation of broilers, contract breeding, the R&D and processing of the feed, electric slaughtering, and the developing and machining of the food. The system helps Dachan’ consumers trustingly enjoy the products.
The Dachan Food’s philosophy is always the food safety and quality first. When Dachan was the Beijing Olympic Games designated supplier of chicken in 2008, it enhanced capability of resisting risk by establishing the traceability system of animal protein supply chain, adopting the quality assurance plan that abbreviated to “QAP”, and setting up the famous real name traceability system in the industry.

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