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Dachan Food has ventured into the business of highly processed chicken food from 1995. By operating the channels and serving the clients and consumers, Dachan Food has been one of leading chicken food processors in China, and has made its name in the market.

In addition to being sold in the Chinese market, Dachan Food's processed food is exported to countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong, China. The Japan government takes food quality and hygiene standards very seriously. With the excellent food quality and hygiene standards, Dachan Food gets the qualification of exporting processed chicken products to Japan, and registers with Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry.

Dachan Food thinks that food safety and quality is top priority, and got many industry certifications and prizes for the high standard of quality control, like HACCP, FSSC22000, and BRC etc. In 2009, it first launched product traceability program. The consumers can trace the product information of the farmers, feed, raw materials, and processed factories with the program.

Dachan Food has a strong research and development team and an agile customer service team, with a "one-stop" industrial chain resource advantage that integrates research and development, production, and supply chain. It has always been committed to providing more comprehensive meal list solutions for catering customers. Since the launch of the first package of salt crispy chicken in China in 2001, we have continuously developed various types of deeply processed foods to meet market and customer needs. We have gained unanimous recognition from our customers in the leisure, group, banquet, retail and other channel markets. Since 2012, Dachan has partnered with Taixu brands to establish two factories in Dalian and Bengbu, researching and producing a series of high-end baked meat products. At the same time, a team of baking technicians has been formed to continuously innovate standard styles, continuously promote market training, and promote the development of the domestic baking market. Dachan has become a leader in baked meat products. In 2017, a dairy factory was established in a joint venture with the century old Austrian brand RUPP, Expand cheese products to further deepen the baking market and lay a solid foundation.

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and customers, Dachan continuously develops new products with different raw materials, flavors, formulas, and cooking methods, including pickling, frying, boiling, electric grilling, steaming, brine, charcoal grilling, etc., to produce a variety of processed foods, with a more diverse variety. At present, Dachan Food not only produces deep processed chicken products, but has developed into a high-quality protein food processing enterprise, with over a thousand different temperature layers of products including chicken, pork, beef, fish, plant meat, etc., providing customers with a wider range of choices.

In 2021, Dachan Food, based on market demand, conducted research and development on pre made dishes, and developed a "no wash, no cut, no conditioning, no blanching" fast vegetable sauce filling series for group meal enterprises and central kitchens, which improved efficiency, saved costs, and accelerated meal time, receiving high praise from the market. In 2023, he successively joined the "Liaoning Prefabricated Vegetable Association" and "Dalian Prefabricated Vegetable Association" and was promoted to a member unit.

Dachan Food will still be guided by the needs of consumers and customers, adhering to the corporate culture of "integrity, humility, and foresight", and setting industry benchmarks.


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