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The Ground-breaking Ceremony Held for the 1st Project of Sino-Singapore New Food Area jointly Built by Jilin Province and Singapore


 This morning, the ground-breaking ceremony of industrialization project of 1 million pigs of Zhongxincheng Food Co., Ltd was held in Yilaxi Town, Yongji County, Jilin City. This is the first project that starts its construction in Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Area. Singapore Minister for National Development MA Baoshan, Chief Officer of Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) CHEN Baofeng, Vice Chief Officer and Supervisor of AVA ZHOU Zhanzai, Director of Infrastructure Department of Singapore Ministry of National Development LIN Zhihui, Ms. XIe Yuecui from Singapore Embassy in China, Vice Governor CHEN Weigen and leaders from Jinlin Municipal Government attended the ceremony.

 Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Area in an international safe food production project that has drawn great attention from China’s Premier and Singapore’s Prime Minster. In May this year, Governor WANG Rulin led the delegation and flew to Singapore to pay a special visit to its Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to advance the project. During the period, Jilin Municipal Government signed the “Agreement on the Construction of Free Identified Epidemic Disease Area in the Food Zone” with Singapore AVA and signed “Memorandum on Cooperation in Food Zone Project”. Also, the series of contracts regarding the project of 1 million pigs were signed in the same period. Since then, the Food Zone Project entered the phase of formal implementation.

The industrialization project of 1 million pigs was jointly invested and constructed by Jilin Food Zone Development & Construction Investment Co., Ltd, Singapore Food Industries Ltd and Taiwan DaChan Food Co., Ltd. Jilin Zhongxincheng Food Co., Ltd, jointly invested by these three parties, were registered with Administration of Industry and Commerce of Jilin City before the Ceremony. The ground breaking means that the construction of Sino-Singapore Food Zone was on the way of success.

It is reported that the during the 1st phase construction of the Project incorporating all the links of the industrial chain including pig breeding, pig feeding, pork process, feeds production and sales of products, there will be a demonstration farm of 100,000 pigs. It is estimated that the construction will be completed in next 2 to three years.  

“Our products will be produced in strict accordance with the immunity, inspection and quarantine procedures, meet the requirements of World Organization for Animal Health finally and become a shining example of quality safety in the Food Zone ”, said CHEN Fushi, director of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited and General Manager of Jilin Zhongxincheng Food Co., Ltd, at the Ceremony.

 Before the Ceremony, Singapore Airport Terminal Services Limited, the parent company of Singapore Food Industries Ltd, donated quilts, sweaters, sweat pants and other relief materials to people affected by disaster in Yongji County. 


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