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The Chairman of the Board of DaChan Food Mr. Mark Han Jia-Hwan Won the Honorary Title “Most Influential Entrepreneur in Chinese Meat Industry”


The 2010 China International Meat Industry Summit, sponsored by China Meat Association and International Meat Secretariat, was held on June 28 in Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing. Nearly 800 people, including officials from government agencies of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and other countries and regions, officials from foreign embassies in the PRC and industrial organizations, authorities, industry’s elites, experts, scholars and seniors, attended the meeting. At the meeting, Mr.  Mark Han Jia-Hwan, the Chairman of the Board of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited (DaChan Food), was awarded the Honorary Title “Most Influential Entrepreneur in Chinese Meat Industry” by China Meat Association.  

Mr.  Mark Han Jia-Hwan expressed his thanks for the recognition of the Company and himself after receiving the prize. Ever since its entry into China’s mainland in 1990, DaChan Food has been working hard with honesty and integrity and grown into a dominant player in the chicken meat, processed foods and feeds market in the PRC. With support from different walks of the society, DaChan Food has the confidence in its further development to contribute more to the prosperity of China’s broiler products industry. 

So far, DaChan Food has successively invested in 12 provinces and cities including Liaoning Province, Tianjin Municipality and Shandong Province, with its business covering feeds production, integrated businesses combining chicken hatching, slaughtering and processing of chicken meat in one single operational platform, production of processed foods and other fields. The Company has had 15,000 employees in total, processed 200 million broilers, helped about 4,000 rural families become rich through contracted chicken feeding and achieved operating income of 10 billion yuan. DaChan Food is the largest chicken meat processor in the PRC, in terms of the number of chicken slaughtered. Besides, the Company is the licensed chicken meat supplier to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the largest chicken meat supplier to KFC, Dicos and other fast food chains in the PRC, and has its products exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. DaChan Food has created significant social and economic benefits and been rated as a national key enterprise of agricultural industrialization.   

Within 20 years after its entry into China’s mainland, DaChan Food has been adhering great importance to the coexistence and mutual prosperity between the Company and its contract farmers. DaChan Food has realized the historical change from the extensive chicken feeding by each family or household to intensive operation by building reliable and stable interest combination mechanism with the farmers and offering a series of “Five Concerted Supply” of services featuring guaranteed procurement of products. The business model of “Company + Farmers” has enabled the Company and the farmers to be closely related and mutually dependent, which has fundamentally guaranteed the interest of the farmers, tremendously increased the farmers’ economic interests derived from chicken feeding and greatly driven the optimization of agricultural market, the increase of farmers’ income and the flourishing of rural economy. Meanwhile, this business model has stimulated the development of such relevant industries as farming, transportation, package and processing and created significant social benefits.   

Meanwhile, DaChan Food has been dedicated to the supply of safer and more delicious food by applying science and techniques in feeds, chicken feeding, slaughtering with electric current and cooked food processing. Composed of experts in such fields as animal breeding, animal nutrition, animal pathology, biotech products and food nutrition, the research and development team are specially devoted to important procedures in animal husbandry such as animal eugenics, elite breeder chickens, formulation-related science and technology, disease prevention and immunity in modernized experimental farms possessing biotech products validation, based on their solid theoretical basis and abundant practical experience. DaChan Food will set up DaChan Prospective Biotechnological Research & Development Center in Baodi District of Tianjin Municipality and completed the registration in 2009, and is engaged in the land expropriation under the guidance of local government, with an estimated investment of 100 million yuan in the first phase of construction. As DaChan Food’s headquarters of research and development of animal nutrition and immunity in China’s mainland, the Center will be dedicated to the research of green immune food technology, functional food technology and food technology featuring low-carbon footprint through advanced gene screening and bio-fermentation, which will play positive role in driving the development of China’s animal husbandry industry. 

 In recent years, there has been a general increase of food safety consciousness in the PRC’s consumers. As a responsible corporate citizen, DaChan Food is keenly aware of such changes and takes the opportunity to positively offer more complete information to its consumers so as to relieve their worries of food safety besides taking rigorous quality control inside. In 2009, DaChan Food formally launched the “transparent source” food project and introduced the chicken food products under the brand of “Sisters’ Kitchen”, including “Sisters’ Kitchen”-branded fresh chicken meat products, “Sisters’ Kitchen”-branded cooked chicken meat products and “Sisters’ Kitchen”-branded roast chicken. Since June 2010, consumers can input the “reassurance code”  on the package of a package or a box of chicken meat products sold under the brand of “Sisters’ Kitchen” and easily obtain such information via mobile phone or Internet as: ①Breeding farm, breeder, time of brooding and market availability; ②The production information about the lot of feeds; ③The information about the slaughtering with electric current, the lot of fresh chicken meat products and quality inspection; ④The information about the deep processing of food. With the help of new media forms, for example, the Internet, consumers are totally able to learn about the complete production processes and quality inspection reports of the consumed products so as to be reassured to enjoy the safe food featuring traceability. 

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