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DaChan won 700 million new Taiwan Dollar orders from CHINA CO-OP


On Nov. 16, 2009, New Cooperation Joint-Stock Trade China Co., Ltd (NCS), an enterprise subordinated to All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (CHINA CO-OP),   signed Purchase and Cooperation Framework Agreement with DaChan Great Wall Group at the Grand Hotel Taipei. Mr. LI Chengyu, the Director and Secretary of Party Group of CHINA CO-OP, and Mr. Mark Han Jia-Hwan, the CEO of DaChan Great Wall Group, attended the signing ceremony. In addition, general managers of the enterprises directly affiliated to CHINA CO-OP and directors of different provisional supply and marketing cooperatives also attended the ceremony.  

According to the Agreement, NCS and DaChan Great Wall Group will enter into long-term strategic cooperative partnership based on the principle of complementary advantages and highly efficient cooperation to promote the products made by enterprises in Taiwan to the vast rural market in mainland China, aiming to realize the win-win situation among governments, enterprises and farmers. The products that NCS will purchase from DaChan Food mainly include chicken meat processed food products, feeds, aquatic products, fruits and other products, with a purchase amount of about 700 million New Taiwan Dollar (about 150 million Yuan).

After the signing ceremony, Mark Han expressed his thanks for the valuable opportunity that CHINA CO-OP offered to DaChan Great Wall Group so that the products made in Taiwan could smoothly enter the market in mainland China, which must bring positive impact to the quick and mutually beneficial development to cross-straits economic and trade ties. Mark Han further commented that DaChan Great Wall Group will grasp the opportunity to further expand the market in mainland China on the basis of offering quality products so as to speed up its development.


Established in 1957, DaChan Great Wall Group has been sticking to the business principle of “Honesty, Humility and Vision” and dedicated to agriculture to benefit farmers and offer quality foods to consumers. At present, the Group has grown into a professional international agricultural, animal husbandry and food enterprise incorporating such businesses as feeds, foods, catering, nutritional science and technology in Asia-Pacific Region (17.70, 0.00, 0. 00%). Its subsidiary DaChan Food (Asia) Limited (DaChan Food) entered the market in mainland China in 1990, and has successively invested in 12 provinces and cities including Liaoning Province, Tianjin Municipality and Shandong Province, with its business covering feeds production, integrated businesses combining chicken hatching, slaughtering and processing of chicken meat in one single operational platform, flour production, catering and other fields. Now, DaChan Food has 17,000 employees and earns annual revenue of more than 8 billion Yuan. In 2007, DaChan Food was listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.   


DaChan Food has been rated as a national key enterprise of agricultural industrialization, the licensed chicken meat supplier to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the largest chicken meat supplier to KFC, Dicos and other fast food chains in mainland China, and has had its products exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Every since its inception, the Company has been dedicated to excellent quality, food safety and high hygiene standard. Since 2006, DaChan Food has spent large amount of money and human resources on and finally set up food safety traceability system that enables the traceability from farms to tables, the chicken food safety guarantee system featuring transparent source. In 2009, DaChan Food formally launched the “transparent source” food project and introduced the chicken food products under the brand of “Sisters’ Kitchen”. From then on, consumers can input the “reassurance code” on the package of chicken meat products sold under the brand of “Sisters’ Kitchen” and obtain such information as breeding farm, time of brooding and market availability, breeder, the information about the feeds, the information about the factory electric slaughtering, the fresh chicken meat production and quality inspection and the information about the deep processing of food. By doing so, consumers can be reassured to enjoy the safe food featuring traceability.


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