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Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture inspected DaChan Food’s food safety traceability system


On March 10, 2010, the delegation composed of experts from the Department of Animal Husbandry, Quality and Safety Center for Agricultural Products and the Veterinary Bureau and other departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Agriculture visited the Dalian Base of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited (DaChan Food) to inspect the construction and running of its “food safety traceability system”. The experts visited the factory incorporating four links including broiler feeding, feeds production, electric slaughtering and food processing in high spirit, carefully inspected the running of the “food safety traceability system” and put forward valuable suggestions.

 Ever since its entry into mainland China in 1990, the Company has grown into the largest chicken meat processor, the largest chicken meat supplier to KFC, Dicos and other fast food chains in mainland China and the licensed chicken meat supplier to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, with annual sales volume of more than 10 billion Yuan. In recent years, there has been a general increase of food safety consciousness in consumers in mainland China. As a responsible corporate citizen, DaChan Food is keenly aware of such changes and takes the opportunity to positively offer more complete information to its consumers so as to relieve their worries of food safety besides taking rigorous quality control inside. In 2009, DaChan Food formally launched the “transparent source” food project and introduced the chicken food products under the brand of “Sisters’ Kitchen”, including “Sisters’ Kitchen”-branded fresh chicken meat products, “Sisters’ Kitchen”-branded cooked chicken meat products and “Sisters’ Kitchen”-branded roast chicken. At present, consumers can input the “reassurance code” on the package of a bag or a box of chicken meat products sold under the brand of “Sisters’ Kitchen” and easily obtain such information via mobile phone or Internet as: ①Breeding farm, breeder, time of brooding and market availability; ②The production information about the lot of feeds; ③The information about the electric slaughtering, the lot of fresh chicken meat products and quality inspection; ④The information about the deep processing of food. By doing so, consumers can be reassured to enjoy the safe food featuring traceability. DaChan Food’s food safety traceability system is not only applicable to chicken meat producers, but also to the producers of animal protein including meat, egg and milk. Hence, the completion of this system will be playing positively promotional role to boost the upgrade of entire food industry, reforge the image of the industry and regain the consumer confidence.

 As a company full of social responsibility, DaChan Food has been taking to offer healthy and safe food to customers as its priority. Hundreds of DaChan Food’s research and development technicians have been working at many aspects such as feeds, feeding modes and food formula, dedicated to lift the quality of products that will be purchased by customers eventually up to the perfection. In addition, DaChan Food adopts highly vertical integral business mode to integrate feeds production, chicken feeding and slaughtering, chicken meat process and processing food into a concerted business platform. This business mode has enabled the Company to effectively assure the product quality so as to carry out rigorous quality and hygiene control approaches to assure the quality and safety of all products. Based on these measures, DaChan Food has successfully built up its image in mainland China and driven the sustainable increase of its branded chicken meat products.

 Photo: XIE Shuanghong, Director of the Department of Animal Husbandry of the Ministry of Agriculture, is learning about the details on the inquiry process of DaChan Food’s food safety traceability system.
 Photo: The experts from the Ministry of Agriculture are listening to the report about DaChan Food’s food safety traceability system.
Photo: The experts from the Ministry of Agriculture are visiting the Electric Slaughtering Workshop

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