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Rapid Development of Dachan Food -- Sports meet of IBF Groups


On September 16, 2023, IBF Groups of Dachan Food held the annual sports meet. More than 2,000 employees participated. In the song of "Athlete March", employees lined up with neat steps and loud slogans to enter the venue.

Photo: The flag bearers held the Dachan LOGO flag

Photo: A colorful flag team composed of employees

At first, the flag guard team composed of 6 flag bearers carried the Dacheng LOGO flag which carries Dacheng Food’s core value “honesty, humility and pioneering vision”. The colorful flag team followed, and the colorful flags flew in the air, symbolizing the vitality of the company's employees. Next, 21 participating teams successively passed the rostrum to meet the review of the company's leaders.

Photo: team entry ceremony

Photo: the opening ceremony panorama, 21 participating teams of athletes were fully prepared for the competition

Photo: Li Wenhuai, Senior General Manager of the IBF Group, delivered a speech. He wished the sports meeting a complete success.

Photo: Deng Haifang, Senior Manager of Meat Factory in IBF Group, delivered a speech. She hoped the athletes created good results

Photo: the food factory members of IBF Group performed a show

Photo: the meat factory members of IBF Group performed a show

After the performance, the sports meeting officially began. On the field, the athletes compared with speed, endurance and skills, and won the audiences’   cheers and shouts! They encouraged each other off the court. The service of the games was in place. the referees and staff performed their duties, and ensured the normal progress of the games with the principle of "fairness and justice". The food stalls made by the employees were another special spots in the sports meeting. Everyone interpreted Dachan staff’s characts- diligence and practicality with practical actions!

Photo: the sports meet was fun

The events were recreational, collaborative and competitive. Besides, the process of the events were nice and energetic. The events can’t reflect the personal style of the employees, but also exam the team cooperation. Cheers, shouts and laughter continued throughout the stadium.

Figure: team photo

Photo: a group photo of the "Best phalanx Award"

Through this games, IBF Groups cann’t only promote cross-departmental communication, but also enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. In the future, the employees will be more full of enthusiasm, tenacious spirit to forge ahead, and make unremitting efforts to create a more brilliant future.


Chief Editor: Li Xiaochen

October 1,2023

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