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Dachan Food Smart Feed Factory was officially put into production in Guzhen, Anhui


On September 21, 2023, the Smart Feed Factory Project of Dachan Food (Asia) Co., Ltd. held a grand inauguration ceremony in Guzhen County Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province. Mr. Zhu Jidong, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and Head of the Organization Department, Mr. Zheng Xiulin, Deputy County Mayor, Mr. Zhu Yuanqing, Deputy Director of the Development Zone, Mr. Wang Wei, Director of the County's Agricultural and Rural Bureau, along with the principal leaders of township Party committees and governments, and the heads of relevant departments from the Development Zone participated in the event.

Photo: Dachan Smart Feed Factory was officially put into operation, marking the official operation of the Smart Feed Factory.

In his speech, Deputy Secretary Zhu Jidong extended warm congratulations on the official launch of the Smart Feed Factory project. He highlighted that Guzhen County has prioritized green food as the leading industry and made substantial efforts to add value to the entire agricultural chain, from " grain planting to the forefront and produce to follow," "livestock breeding to the forefront and process to follow," and " agriculture to the forefront and industry to follow." in recent years. As a result, an industrial development pattern has emerged with billions of broilers, millions of ducks, and hundreds of thousands of pigs and sheep.

With deeply ploughing in Guzhen for nearly 20 years, Dachan Group did not only achieved the development of the entire broiler industry chain but also invested in the construction of the second phase of the project during the most challenging phase of the epidemic. These demonstrates the highest level of trust in Guzhen and the utmost recognition of its business environment. Deputy Secretary Zhu emphasized that the county Party committee and county government will fully support the development of Dachan Group by investing comprehensively in policies, land, capital, and supporting facilities, aiming to cultivate a more favorable environment for further enterprise growth.

Photo: Zhu Jidong, Deputy Secretary of the Guzhen County Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, delivers a speech, stating that they will continue to prioritize the Dachan Industrial Project, provide effective service coordination, and ensure support to create a more harmonious and stable development environment for enterprises.

Mr. Wei Junxian, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Dachan Food, delivered an impassioned speech at the ceremony. He expressed heartfelt appreciation to the leaders at all levels of government and Dachan’s partners for their unwavering support. He emphasized the importance of Dachan Food continuously improving its core competitiveness to achieve sustainable development.


Photo: Wei Junxian, Chairman and CEO of Dachan Food, delivered a speech.

The Smart Feed Factory is one of the second-phase projects of Dachan Food, with the objective of expanding production capacity for the aquaculture industry chain in the Yangtze River Delta region. Its purposes are to supply safe, fresh, stable, and high-quality feed, and to provide a solid foundation for the high-quality development of Dachan's Fresh Food sector.

Photo: Wang Qingquan, Senior General Manager of the PVM Group, and Li Wenhui, General Manager of the FAN Group, gave the final touch to Chinese lion dance together.

Mr. Wang Qingquan, Senior General Manager of the PVM Group, stated that since the project started on March 12, 2022, it has consistently adhered to high-quality and high-standard construction requirements to establish a modern, intelligent, and fresh factory. The new plant covers an area of 92 acres, with a designed production capacity of 360,000 tons/year in the first phase and 600,000 tons/year in the second phase. Equipped with advanced testing equipment, it achieves quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement through modernized management practices in all aspects.

Photo: Speech by Wang Qingquan, Senior General Manager of PVM Group

Photo: Mr. Liu Chunhai, Vice President of Jiangsu Famsun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech, expressing the expectation for win-win cooperation.

Photo: Mr. Huang Wenhua, General Manager of Suhua Construction Group, delivered a speech, expressing his anticipation for long-term cooperation in the future.

The second phase industrialization project of Dachan Company will be fully operational on October 18th. After the completion of the project, it is expected to generate an annual output value of approximately 4 billion yuan and create employment opportunities for over 1,000 individuals. This will further accelerate the establishment of a food processing industry cluster in Guzhen County, as a new engine for economic development.


 Chief Editor: Jing Fangyuan

September 22, 2023

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