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DaChan 2023 Annual Partner Conference Successfully Held


On August 15th, DaChan Food (Asia) Limited successfully held the 2023 Annual Conference of its Professional Food Service Group Partners in Bengbu City, Anhui Province. This event attracted the participation of top 100 distributors from across the country for planning future development.

The conference theme was " Being an Agglomeration, Exhibiting New Chapter, Creating Extraordinary", divided into three sections: Looking Forward to the Future, Empowering the Market, and Grateful Hand in Hand. This didn’t only allow the partners to witness the glory of DaChan, but also greatly inspired them to work together to open up a new page.

Figure: On site of the 2023 Food Business Group Partner Conference

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wei Junxian, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors in Dachan Group, delivered an enthusiastic speech. He reviewed the challenges during the epidemic and expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support of Dachan’s distributor partners. He proposed the cooperation concept of "Same Path, Same Strategy, Same Strength, Same Joy". He also emphasized that DaChan will deepen the close cooperation with its distributor partners and achieve common development in the future by continuously enhancing the brand influence and the product competitiveness.

Figure: Speech by Mr. Wei Junxian, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Du Feng, Senior General Manager of the Professional Food Service Group, delivered a speech that summarized the work in 2022, analyzed the current status of the industry and market, as well as the challenges. He quoted Lei Jun's famous saying, "A person may go faster, but a group of talents may go further!", indicating that DaChan has confidence and determination to work with like-minded distributor partners to meet challenges and achieve success.

Figure: Speech by Mr. Du Feng, Senior General Manager of Professional Food Service Group

Mr. Chen Guifeng, General Manager of Professional Food Service Group, gave a keynote speech titled "Working Together to Win the Future". He introduced the development process of DaChan in detail, and expressed gratitude for the strong support of the distributor partners. He emphasized that DaChan adheres to the product philosophy of prioritizing quality, and has established a complete traceability system which allows consumers to truly enjoy traceable safe food with confidence. He also presented DaChan's future development plans and business strategies to distributor partners from multiple perspectives.

Figure: Speech by Mr. Chen Guifeng, Professional Food Service Group

As a representative of DaChan's "Golden Crown" distributors, Mr. Zhang Jianhua, the founder of Tianjin FengYe Trading Co., Ltd., shared their successful experience in cooperation with DaChan. He stated that Tianjin FengYe will firmly grow with DaChan, and look forward to working together with the dealer colleagues.

Figure: Speech by Mr. Zhang Jianhua, the representative of the "Golden Crown" distributors

The conference specially invited two industry experts on site. First, senior marketing consultant Wang Tong shared "Upgrading the Operation and Management Model of Dealers" to help dealers more efficiently solve problems encountered in the business process. Secondly, Ji Yandong, the mentor of the China Baking Mentor Group, shared "Prospects and Channel Deepening Strategies for the Baking Industry". He used huge amounts of data and practical cases to analyze the development trends and business strategies of the prefabricated baking industry, terminal stores, channels and products.

Figure: Sharing by Teacher Wang Tong, the senior marketing consultant

Figure: Sharing by Teacher Ji Yandong, the mentor of the Chinese Baking Tutor Group

At the new product launch and tasting event, DaChan's rich reward policies stimulated the dealer partners to actively participate in new product tasting, consult policies, and make reservations in advance. Over a hundred unique new dishes were eye-catching, while the intense and exciting Golden Egg Smashing Lottery also attracted the dealers’ attention.

Since 2022, DaChan has successfully launched 167 new products, including a series of best-selling products. The launch of these new products undoubtedly further enriches DaChan's product lines and attracts the attention and orders of many distributor partners.

Figure: Speech by Mr. Zhou Herong, Associate Manager of Product Marketing Planning for Professional Food Service Group

Figure: Speech by Mr. Wang Biao, Senior Associate Manager of Channel Marketing Planning for Professional Food Service Group

Figure: On site new product trial session

Figure: product exhibition area visit and exchange session

During the dinner, Mr. Du Feng and Mr. Chen Guifeng took the lead in giving a toast, followed by presenting awards to the outstanding distributor partners and inviting them to share their acceptance speeches. There were continuous applause on site.

Figure: two leaders giving a toast segment

Figure: award ceremony for excellent dealers

With its vitality and warmth, DaChan held birthday celebrations and flag swearing programs in the conference. Finally, there was a tense and exciting golden egg smashing session, where all participating partners gained something.

Figure: birthday celebration

Figure: sworn flag Program

Figure: winning the golden Egg

In the 66th anniversary, DaChan Group will always adhere to the corporate values of honesty, humility, and pioneering vision, adapt to the changes of the times, cater the development trends of the industry, meet with market consumer demand, continue to research and develop higher quality food products, and work together with all distributor partners to "Same Path, Same Strategy, Same Strength, Same Joy".

Figure: group photo of the executive team of the conference

Video: wonderful video of DaChan's 2023 Partner Conference


Chief Editor: Zhao Xiaobo

August 21, 2023



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