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Exhibition in Sichuan,Guangdong and Zhejiang,DaChan Successfully Achieved


Figure:New product display

From June 28 to July 1, 2023, a cross regional DaChan Food Festival was held simultaneously at the 11th Chengdu Food Supply Chain Expo in Chengdu, the 3rd Liangzhilong Cantonese Cuisine E-commerce Fair in Guangzhou, and the Global New E-commerce Expo Food Theme Exhibition in Hangzhou. In order to promote the recovery of the hotel and catering industries and promote economic recovery, food ingredient and food exhibitions were held in the various regions in China. Like carnivals, these fairs attracted many enthusiastic exhibitors and visitors. DaChan's products received unanimous praise from the on-site audiences at the exhibitions.

Figure: Guangzhou Liangzhilong Cantonese Cuisine E-commerce Fair Site

Figure: Chengdu Food Supply Chain Expo Site

Figure:Hangzhou Global New E-commerce Expo Food Theme Exhibition Site 

When the restaurant industry has been increasingly competitive, raw material quality and cost control have become important criteria for customers to choose brands. As a leading enterprise in the chicken, processed food, and feed businesses in China, DaChan has closely followed the market pulse, adjusted its business strategy, and launched a series of new and cost-effective products which were unveiled at these exhibitions.

Figure: Display of the dishes of the new product 'Super Value Series'

Figure:Ice cabinet display of the new product 'Super Value Series'

On the other hand, under the trends of “Otaku”and fragmented dining methods, the frozen food retail market has continued to grow. At these exhibitions, DaChan showed its newly launched retail packaging products and popular online products this year.

Figure:Ice cabinet display of the new product 'Retail Package Series'

Figure:Dish display of the new product 'Retail Package Series'

In addition, according to the differences in product sales channels, DaChan kitchen consultants on-site cooked various product dishes and displayed them, covering leisure dining, group dining cafes, banquet restaurants, as well as popular Japanese cuisine, convenience store cooked food, etc.

Figure:DaChan kitchen consultants Cooking New Products on Site

At the exhibition venues in Sichuan, Guangdong, and Zhejiang, the aroma of delicious food attracted many visitors to stop and take photos as souvenirs. The sales team, dressed in uniform and smiled, introduced the characteristics ,unique manufacturing techniques, the raw materials and nutritional value of DaChan products to the audience. These interpretations allowed the audience to have a deeper understanding of the quality of DaChan products, and also stimulated their expectations for future cooperation with DaChan.

Figure:Guangzhou Exhibition Site

Figure:Hangzhou Exhibition Site

Figure:Chengdu Exhibition Site

With the recovery of the catering market and the vigorous development of the retail market, the frozen food industry will inevitably face new opportunities and challenges. Adapting to the changes of the times, DaChan will always meet the development trends of the industry, and continue to research and develop higher quality food products based on market consumer demand, with the spirit of striving for excellence as a craftsman. DaChan will work hand in hand with strategic partners to provide better services to new and old customers, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the catering market.

Figure:Group photo of the Guangzhou exhibition execution team

Figure:Group photo of the Hangzhou exhibition execution team


Editor: Zhao Xiaobo

July 4, 2023

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