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DaChan Food(Asia)Limited appeared in the 2023 LiangZhiLong exhibition


DaChan FoodAsiaLimited appeared in the 2023 LiangZhiLong exhibition

Aerial photo of Wuhan International Expo Center (photo provided by the official)

On March 28, 2023, LiangZhiLong ·2023 the 11th China Food E-commerce Festival opened in Wuhan International Expo Center. This exhibition is the first head food exhibition after the normalization of the epidemic. The exhibition attracted more than 5,100 exhibitors, 60,000 kinds of exhibits, 200,000 square meters of exhibition area, nearly 100,000 visitors on the opening day, during the exhibition more than 260,000 visitors. In this exhibition, Professional Food Service Group and International Brands Foods of the DaChan are participating together.

The exhibition not only gathers heavyweight guests and elites from all walks of life, but also attracts the attention of many authoritative domestic and local media to discuss "food" and create the future · Food world, fully highlighting the appeal and influence of LiangZhiLong Food Material E-commerce Festival in the industry.

Professional Food Service Group of DaChan

After the epidemic, with the return of food and beverage consumption scene and the recovery of consumption intention, coupled with the rapid recovery of tourism and hotel industry, the food and beverage industry has a strong recovery momentum. In addition to the recovery of leisure, group catering, banquet, retail and other major catering markets, some market segments are also gradually heating up, such as Internet cafes, pubs, night markets, amusement parks and so on. In addition, young consumer groups become "home", and promote frozen food of family meal preparation demand increased.

The booth of Professional Food Service Group is located at Booth J01 in Hall B1B2

In response to the rapid changes in the market, Professional Food Service Group has launched a series of new products, and at this exhibition. As a high-quality enterprise officially recommended by the organizing committee, with novel booth design, professional kitchen groups, exquisite product dishes, once the debut has become the focus of the exhibition booth, food photography, tasting, consulting products, an endless stream of visitors, guests like clouds.

 "Recommended of high-quality enterprises" by the organizing committee

Kitchen team of Professional Food Service Group

Nearly 20 new products are on display in Professional Food Service Group. There are also family meal preparation demand products paired with the display layout of offline member stores, attracting many people to watch and consult.

Staff introduce company products and answer customer inquiries

Product display of Professional Food Service Group

At the same time, a series of new family meal preparation demand products and popular online products have been unveiled, which have attracted audiences to stop and try out, making the scene very lively.

Tasting area, people compete to taste

In addition, according to the different product sales channels, the kitchen team makes the product dishes of corresponding channels on site, such as casual catering, group catering hall, banquet restaurant, and popular Japanese cuisine, convenience store cooked food and so on. Nearly 100 exquisite dishes attracted the attention of the audience to take photos. In addition, the on-site product tasting was full of praise. People took the initiative to ask for the contact information of the sales person in charge of various places to explore business opportunities. At the same time, local TV media also carried out on-site interviews.

A wide range of exquisite dishes

Attracting the people to stop to take pictures

Chen Guifeng, General Manager of Professional Food Service Group discussing business opportunities with customers

International Brands Foods of DaChan

Product display area of the DaChan Food (Dalian) Co., LTD. The main color of the brand echoes the products, showing the professional brand image of the DaChan. The company covers feed, breeding chicken, hatching, breeding, slaughtering, cooked food and other chicken food "one-stop" industry chain. It made its debut in this LiangZhiLong exhibition, attracting many customers and consumers to stop to visit and taste. It displays in different scenes, including prepared dishes, convenience store system, and catering customization, to match different customers.

International Brands Foods booth is located at booth HT57 and booth HT60

A variety of new products, popular products show

It is worth mentioning that the company released a new product of Cherry Chicken prefabricated dish, grain fed, pink meat, vitamin E content is more than 2 times that of ordinary chicken. In addition, microwave products and food and convenience store series products, compared with the traditional charcoal roasting and marinade, superimposition of cooking and frying processes, only the simple treatment of marinade, to retain the freshness of ingredients, so that the products meet the needs of people in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. To achieve "simple technology, light processing, more healthy" at the same time, but also to provide consumers with a rich choice of taste.

New prefabricated dishes show at the exhibition, creating a diversified product matrix

The DaChan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with a complete industrial chain in China's white feather broiler industry. With its unique closed-loop management of "self-cultivation, self-propagation, self-cultivation, self-slaughter and deep processing", the DaChan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. builds a green circular economy industrial chain for sustainable development of the enterprise. The company provides safe and traceable chicken raw materials to ensure food safety from the source. Relying on excellent quality and stable supply, the company has become a long-term strategic partner of well-known catering chain convenience stores.

Staff discussing business opportunities with customers

The successful holding of two major undertakings of DaChan in this exhibition not only shows the charm of chicken products to consumers, but also enhances the public's understanding and cognition of the brand. With the growing recovery of the catering market after the epidemic, as well as the continuous increase of household consumption and the demand for prefabricated dishes, DaChan will continue to enhance its innovation ability, enhance its brand competitiveness, comply with the development trend of the industry, combine the market consumption demand, and continue to develop better gourmet food products with its distributors and more customers. DaChan will continue to adhere to the enterprise values of "integrity, modesty and foresight", promote the healthy development of chicken products industry.

Photo of Professional Food Service Group team

Photo of International Brands Foods team

Chief Editor: Zhao Xiaobo/Zhang Quan

Apr.1st 2023

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