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DachanFood won the "Best Cooperation Award" of Dalian Lawson Convenience Store


DachanFood won the "Best Cooperation Award" of Dalian Lawson Convenience Store

Spring is a season full of vitality, and brings life back to everything. Dachan Food (Dalian) Co., LTD., the international business of Dachan Group, got good news one by one.

The first good news for Dachan Food was winning the "Best Cooperation Award" of Dalian Lawson Convenience Store. Dalian Lawson Supplier Conference was successfully held in Furama Hotel on March 3rd. Dachan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. stood out from the many suppliers of Lawson, world-renowned convenience store, and won the "Best Cooperation Award" along with well-known brands such as Yili and Coca Cola. Li Wenhuai, senior general manager of international business, received the award as the representative.

Figure 1: "Best Collaboration Award" medal

Following the principle of fairness, justice and publicity, Dalian Lawson graded its suppliers and awarded and commended the outstanding ones. The theme of this conference is "Converge potential for win-win cooperation", and Dalian Lawson expresses gratitude to the strategic partners that have worked together for many years.

Figure 2: Dalian Lawson Supplier Conference site

The second good news was becoming the member of Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Association of Liaoning Province. This year, precooked dishes were written into No.1 central document for 2023 for the first time. The government made requests about improving the standardization and normalization level of the vegetable processing industry and central kitchen industry and developing the precooked dish industry. Those further boosted public confidence in vigorously developing the prepared dishes industry. The founding conference of Liaoning Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Association and Shenyang Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Development Promotion Conference was successfully held at Shenbei New District Convention and Exhibition Center on February 26. Dachan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference and became its member unit, which laid the foundation for future cooperation and development with the association units.

Liaoning Province will vigorously develop the precooked dish industry. In particular, Shenyang City will support the province's only national demonstration base for deep processing of agricultural products -- Shenbei New District, to build a prefabricated dish industry cluster area integrating the raw material base, the e-commerce live broadcast base, the production and packaging base. The industry integration like  "seed to chopsticks" and  "field to table" will be Shenbei’s unique development model .

Figure 3: The establishment ceremony of Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Association of Liaoning Province

       The third good news was Dachan Cherry Chicken grand listing. With cherry blossoms in full bloom in March, Dachan Cherry Chicken is also in full bloom. The idea of Dachan Cherry Chicken originated from Japan's cherry blossom chicken. Li Wenhuai, the senior general manager, learned through research and visits in the Japanese market that cherry blossom chicken is pink in color and its content of vitamin E is higher than one of ordinary chicken. There is no similar product in the domestic market, so he introduced the raising method and sold it in China to open the market and improve the competitiveness of the product. On March 2nd, the first batch of 30,000 "cherry chickens" independently bred and raised by Dachan also entered the production workshop. Under the witness of leaders, they were cut and processed on the spot, and were sold in full scale.

Figure 4: Li Wenhuai, the senior general manager witnessed cherry chicken cutting and processing


Chief Editor: Zhang Quan

March 16, 2023

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