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Dachan Food products were successfully displayed at 13th Agie Food Shanghai


Dachan Food products were successfully displayed at 13th Agie Food Shanghai

13th Agie Food Shanghai was successfully held at Hangzhou International Expo Center on September 26-28, 2022. Many professional visitors went to the exhibition. Many companies debut their new ingredients and make the exhibition one of the best supply-demand platforms for catering chain industry. With the chicken products, Dachan food (dalian) co., LTD,Dachan group international business, as the one of leading enterprises in domestic ingredient industry,participated in the expo with other companies in China.

The 13th session of Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition (Hangzhou station)

The exhibition area of Dachan food (dalian) co., LTD located in B1D007 booth. The dominate hue in the area was similar to the products, and showed Dachan professional brand image. Dachan business scope covers the feed, chicken, hatching, breeding, slaughtering, cooked food such as an one stop chicken food industry chain. At the exhibition, Dachan Food’s professional sales team debuted many new products, such as popular burn crisp bone ball skewer and new first Sichuan sweet potato skin chicken skewer, which quality, characteristics, flavors, and technologies were popular with site tasters. The products also attracted the spectators to stop and visit.

Dachan food (dalian) co., LTD,Dachan group international business debuted the new and popular products at the exhibition

More and more people choses Dachan about chicken products. Dachan Food has been working on the food safety management system which traces from the farms to the dining-tables, and offering safe and non-residue chicken products. Therefore, Dachan Food conducted corporate propaganda with the "enjoying the safe food" brand positioning. That transmitted information about Dachan’s leading position in chicken product industry, thus enhanced Dachan’s brand influence..

Dachan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. presented the cooked food products, including cooking, barbecue and fried food, to the food experts, catering customers and audience at the exhibition. In addition, Dachan specially set up a foretasting area where the audiences can know the characteristics and advantages of Dachan’s products through on-the-spot explanation and the samples.

Many visitors stopped at Dachan exhibition area, asked the product information, and tasted the samples.

Under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, well-done instant products have become indispensable for families in the past two years. Based on the consumers’ demand, Dachan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. will steadily and diligently develop new products, and open up more channels. Dachan Food will be steady upward trend by providing consumers more safe, delicious, healthy and convenient food for consumers. 

The staff seriously received every customer and introduced Dachan.

Agie Food Shanghai is one of the major events in domestic catering and food ingredients industry. The exhibit attracted customers around the country as before. The Dachan staffs played the movie about the workshop and production environment at the exhibition site, and attracted many suppliers’ attention. Customers can more intuitively know the production process and operating environment of Dachan products. The quality will be the strength of the brand, so customers and consumers will more trust Dachan. They feel at ease because of Dachan’s concentration and profession.

At the same time the movie about Dachan was played, the staffs introduced the company's products, and answered customer inquiries at the booth.

This exhibition didn’t only show the charm of chicken products to consumers, but also promote the more public understanding of the brand and cognition. In order to satisfy the people’s needs for national well-done instant products, Dachan Food (dalian) co., LTD will continue to strengthen innovation and the brand competitiveness to promote the healthy development of the chicken product industry based on the market demand.

The exhibition team took a group photo

Editor: Zhang Quan

On October 12, 2022


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