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4 companies of DaChan Food(Asia) Co., Ltd. jointly appeared at the Bakery China for the first time


We define " fashion baking "

4 companies of DaChan FoodAsia Co., Ltd. jointly appeared at the Bakery China for the first time


The 24th Bakery China held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai on Sep 19-22, 2022. DaChan FoodAsia launched nearly 100 kinds of products and over 200 related applications at this exhibition. From the aspects of dough combination, product characteristics, flavor and craftsmanship, Dachan highlighted ingenious production and creative ideas, and therefore attracted many customers to visit and enjoy the immersive experience of the sight and taste. The atmosphere of the scene is heightened.

DaChan participated in the 24th Bakery China . The booths attracted many businessmen to come to consult.

DaChan FoodAsiaCo., Ltd., DaChan Liangyou Foods (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., DaChan Liangyou Foods (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., and DaChan Showa Foods (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the exhibition. DaChan made its debut together with baked meat, cheese, flour and prepared flou. Colleagues across the company worked together and leveraged each other's strengths to jointly organize the exhibition and achieved the effect of "1+ 1>2 " !

At Bakery China this year, DaChan planned five main exhibitions, including "Chinese pastry", "Light Food Sandwich", Japanese Baking, European Baking and Flour Premixing Series. The "fashion baking" demonstrations presented total solutions from raw materials to commodity applications.

The product styles in the "Chinese pastry" exhibition were displayed, and each product presented a new direction of "New Chinese Style".

The Japanese-style bakery and European-style bakery exhibitions were novel in style and full of creativity with the professional technical service level of DaChan.

Flour pre-mixed flour series exhibition: the patterns and styles were ingeniously produced, and each of them perfectly expressed the excellent characteristics of our flour and pre-mixed flour.

Bakers were seriously preparing the samples, and attracting people to observe and learn.

Everyone lined up in a long queue, and everyone competed to taste in the tasting area.

At the exhibition site, the DaChan exhibition area was always crowded. There was a long queue in front of the tasting table, and people were rushing to taste the samples. The negotiation area was crowded with the customers who observed, and the bakers and staff warmly treated the customers from all over the country and provided professional technical consulting services. Senior General Manager Mr. Tommy Tu and General Manager Mr. Guifeng Chen of DaChan Group's Food Business Group came to the scene to meet specially invited key customers and discuss the future development of the baking industry.

General Manager Mr. Guifeng Chen met with specially invited key customers in the negotiation area to discuss the development of the baking industry .

The debut new products have always been the focus of customers' attention, such as Wheaton steak, honey sauce chicken legs and other new Chinese Internet celebrity products, American crispy sausage, Japanese teriyaki leg steak, stuffing series and other new baked meat products, meat floss series products. The inquiries of these products were quite high. The promotion of new products at this exhibition was very effective , and many customers came to consult and understand, interact with each other, and received continuous praise .

In recent years, the competition in the baking market has intensified, and new Chinese baking has emerged. While the bakery market is changing, many catering meat manufacturers have also accessed to the market. DaChan, while cultivating internal skills and continuously strengthening team building, has insight into market changes and actively promotes the development of China's high-end bakery meat market .

DaChan has participated in the International Baking Exhibition for 7 consecutive years. The company has been adhering to the classic technical process, ingenious production and creative conception, contributing more distinctive bakery products to the bakery market, and creating a wealth of new products and popular bakery products. DaChan Foods will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs to bring more safe food to customers and consumers .

The precious group photo of this International Baking Exhibition .


Chief Editor: Daiying Cao


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