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The DaChan new products of FuManXi series successfully appeared in the 2022 LiangZhiLong exhibition


The DaChan new products of FuManXi series successfully appeared in the 2022 LiangZhiLong exhibition

On July 6-8, 2022, the 10th LiangZhiLong Chinese food materials e-commerce festival was held in WuHan as scheduled. As the focus exhibition of the domestic food materials industry, it was the first large-scale food materials exhibition this year. With the theme of prefabricated dishes, the conference attracted more than 1700 exhibitors and 60,000 visitors on the opening day. The exhibition was packed with guests.

Participants arrived at the venue.

As a brand of high-quality food materials authorized by the organizing committee, DaChan food brought FuManXi series new products to the exhibition. The exquisite product dishes and novel booth design became the focus of the exhibition once they appear. The visitors lively came in an endless stream, tasted dishes, consulted products, took photos, and marked themselves on social media.

The audiences of DaChan booth is endless.

The audiences of DaChan booth took pictures of products and dishes one after another.

The audiences of DaChan booth inquired about the product information.


The audiences of DaChan booth took photos and marked themselves on social media.

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the family meal preparation demand caused by the impact of the epidemic, prefabricated dish products have become another convenient choice for consumers in addition to catering takeout. They haven’t only extend from b-end catering stores to C-end consumers, but also become one of the rapidly developing sub industries in the food processing industry in recent years.

Audiences tasted products at DaChan booth.

As a leading enterprise in the chicken, processed food and feed industries in the Chinese market, DaChan food has the advantage of a "one-stop" industrial chain integrating R & D, production and supply chain, and has been committed to providing customers with more perfect menu solutions. Since the launch of the first package of salt crispy chicken in China in 2001, more than 1000 products have been listed in succession through the continuous development of various deep-processing foods to meet the needs of the market and customers.

Facing the trend of prefabricated dish industry, DaChan started previously from the source. In 2020, DaChan began to plan to expand the production lines of cooked foods such as stewing and electric baking, and planned an intelligent storage system of "three temperature integration" according to the different storage temperature layers of products, so as to prepare a solid hardware foundation for winning the blue ocean race track. At the same time, in order to better sink the banquet market with the prefabricated dishes, a new sub brand "FuManXi" was planned, and nearly 20 new products of "FuManXi" series were displayed inf this exhibition.

On the booth, according to the different sales channels of products, the corresponding menu items were displayed, such as Casual Dining, Group Cuisines, Ready-To-Prepared Cuisines, etc., as well as the current popular Japanese Cuisines and Delicacies for CVS. At the same time, the popular family packaging products will be displayed one by one.

The Ready-To-Prepared Cuisine series at DaChan booth.

The Japanese Cuisine series at DaChan booth.

The Delicacies for CVS series at DaChan booth.

The Casual Dining series at DaChan booth.

The Group Cuisine series at DaChan booth.

The DaChan catering channel kitchen team.

Nearly 200 dazzling product dishes attracted the audience to stop and pay attention one after another. After tasting the products, they were full of praise, and took the initiative to ask the contact information of the person in charge of sales for future cooperation. At the same time, industry media also came to DaChan booth for on-site interviews.

The audience of DaChan booth queued up to try various products.

The audience of DaChan booth asked for product information and asked for sales contact information.

The industry media interviewed Ms. Li XiuMing, the marketing manager of DaChan in North China

The industry media interviewed Mr. Wang Biao, the marketing director of DaChan.

DaChan will continue to adhere to the enterprise values of "integrity, modesty and foresight", comply with the development trend of the industry, combine the consumption demand of the times, develop new products, expand new channels, and work with distributor partners to better serve new and old customers!

Chief Editor: Xiaobo Zhao

July 11,2022


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