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Dalian Dachan prefabricated food paste filling series The First Promotion Fair was successfully held


Dalian Dachan prefabricated food paste filling series

The First Promotion Fair was successfully held

Dachan Food (Dalian) Co Ltd. is located in Fort Street, Jinpu New District, Dalian, and is an agricultural industrialization enterprise including chicken breeding, chicken hatchery, feed production and marketing, meat chicken halal slaughter and cooked food deep processing. The company annually produces about 200,000 tons of feed, slaughters and processes nearly 30 million white feather chickens, exports nearly 10,000 tons cooked food, and supplies 6-7,000 tons cooked food for the main convenience store system in China. In recent years, the company has continually increased its marketing investment in the domestic market. Both the raw food conditioning products and fully cooked products of Dachan have been leading in the areas of product taste, quality, hygiene, safety and service differentiation, and have been well received by consumers.

With the change of people’s life rhythm and eating habits, the catering market has undergone altering. The prefabricated food can successfully solve the biggest “Pain point”of the food and beverage enterprises - the slow delivery of food and the uneven taste, and therefore is highly favored by the food service personnel. By heating and seasoning simply, the semi-finished products which are packaged automatically and hygienically can help restaurants save labor cost and raise working efficiency. That is why Dachan Food (Dalian) Co Ltd develops and produces the paste filling series products.

On April 29, Dalian Dachan held the first promotion fair of prefabricated food paste filling series products, and invited group meal corporates from all districts in Dalian. In order to enhance customers’ experience to the advantages of the products, the sales department and R & D staff on-site operated, and explicated the details about the products.

Pictures at the promotion

 Dachan prefabricated food paste filling series are divided into:Quick Cook Series,Condiment food with paste filling.

The main products of Quick cook series are the foods which the raw materials are tumbled, pickled and pre-boiled, so that the meat tastes fresh and tender. Without washing, cutting, pickling and boiling in advance, the customers only need to defrost the products, so they can directly cook the food. That saves the operation time, raises  the efficiency, and makes the series products take advantage among the competitors in the same price range. Through professional explanation and demonstration, the customers highly recognized and ordered the products. The result of the fair laid a good for the next deeper promotion.

Quick Cook Series products



Presentation of Quick Cook Series

The features of Condiment food with paste filling are simple operation, novel taste and the perfect combination of sauce and delicious ingredients. Even if the consumers can’t cook, they can use the products to make delicious dishes like chefs. There are first six dishes in condiment food with paste filling. To let the consumers intuitively experience the convenience of cooking, Dachan put the link of the teaching video on the covers of the packing box of the products. The consumers can watch the videos to learn how to cook, so they can trustingly enjoy the delicacies!

Condiment food with sauce filling series products


The demonstration of the dishes with condiment food with paste filling

With the constant innovation in catering industry, people pursue the more convenient and quicker cooking way in the fast-paced life. Prefabricated food doesn’t only save the problem of the catering industry, but also makes people feel the joy of cooking at home. Dachan Food (Dalian) Co Ltd. will continue to develop new products, and provide safer and more delicious products for the majority of consumers Let’s look forward to, please!


May 18,2022

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