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Anti-epidemic and production of both responsibility and undertaking


Anti-epidemic and production of both responsibility and undertaking

                    ——GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD           guarantee supply and production

In the spring of 2022, COVID-19 struck again and broke the normal order of life. Many cities were hit the "pause" button. The luck-down of the cities stopped the supply of outside markets, and the markets of Changchun and Siping in Jilin were closed successively. Due to the capricious epidemic in Shenyang, the road closure made it difficult for the circulation of fresh meat, chicks and feed. The operation of GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD faced great challenges of the epidemic. In this situation, Shuzhi Qiu, the operation director of GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD, and the senior deputy general manager, immediately convened a meeting of the supervisors in the company to discuss countermeasures against epidemic and about sustain production. The goal was satisfying the people’s demand.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the transportation between cities was the biggest problem, including the long waiting time at the highway entrance and exit, and vehicles from other cities permitted into Tieling. General Manager Qiu and several supervisors urgently contacted relevant provincial, municipal and district departments to coordinate the passage of vehicles to solve the problem of cargo transportation. After repeated communication, GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD obtained the qualification certificate of people's livelihood guarantee enterprise and the transportation permit for key materials during the epidemic prevention and control period in Liaoning Province for the first time in Tieling City. The credentials ensured the normal transportation of the company's chicks, chicken and meat. The company implements the requirements of Tieling Covid-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters to ensure transportation vehicles entering Tieling City under the whole process closed-loop management. The administrative, business, farming and other staffs of the company spontaneously set up support teams to pick up the vehicle at the expressway in advance, to check the driver codes, to disinfect the cars which enter the company, to deliver the bills for the drivers and to help cargo loading, etc. GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD takes practical actions to open up the way of material support.

For preventing the epidemic, promoting the production and ensuring people's livelihood, the company takes temperature of the production staff twice a day in the morning and afternoon. Only the staff who the temperature is normal can enter the workshop to work. Before and after the daily work, special personnel disinfect the production area, dressing room, office area and toilet to ensure the stable supply of safe and high-quality chicken products to ensure the living needs of the people in Shenyang and Liaoning. When the epidemic was rampant, GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD actively responded to the call of Tieling Municipal government. The company organized the employees to produce 30 tons of fresh meat products and provided aid to Shenyang in three days. At 7:30 on April 8, six refrigerated food trucks which were loaded with "Sister Kitchen" brand reassuring food drove out of the company's gate. That was the action for the company to dedicate love and care to the people in Shenyang.

In addition ,in order to support the front-line anti epidemic workers of the government, General Manager Qiu led the directors of the company to visit Tieling New Area Station of expressway, Yilu transportation service station of line 102, Tieling station of Expressway and the epidemic prevention headquarters of Tieling Economic and Technological Development Zone, and sent them masks, wine essence wet towels, instant noodles, ham sausage, company products and other prevention and control and life support materials.

As a Taiwan-invested business growing in Tieling, GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD has always adhered to the social feelings of repaying the society and emphasizing social commonweal. GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD will provide assistance to social welfare institutions, needy families, military officers and soldiers and poor students on the anniversary of learning from Lei Feng, August 1st army day, school season and Spring Festival. In terms of enterprise contribution, GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD arranged more than 150 laid-off workers and solved more than 400 rural surplus labor forces. At the same time, to ensure the quality of the company's products and jointly develop the farming, the company continues to provide professional technical guidance and support for farmers. The support helps farmers to improve farming technology and realize the win-win situation of farmers getting rich and enterprise efficiency.

GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD has been operating in Tieling for more than 20 years, and has never forgotten its original intention. It bears in mind the strong support and help of all sectors of society, and offers the best products and services to the society to satisfy customers and reassure consumers. The snow melts in the Liaohe River and the dragon head flowers bloom. GREAT WALL AGRI (TIELING) CO., LTD will work with the people of the whole country to fight the epidemic, unite as one, overcome the difficulties and look forward to spring.

Chief editor:Zhao Linlin

                                                           April 10, 2022

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