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Jointly build food safety in schools,DaChan is in action


Jointly build food safety in schools,DaChan is in action

-DaChan Sunshine Action

      Spring is the season of pursuing dreams. This season full of hope is also the opening season of the new semester for students. The joy of reunion after a long separation filled the whole school. As a professional meat processing enterprise, DaChan regards school food safety as its own responsibility, and provides reassuring, healthy and delicious nutritious meals for teachers and students.

Figure 1, DaChan enters school.

"The first meal of the new semester" is an important promotion activity of DaChan each semester, including DaChan staff entering the school to show and try new products and dishes to teachers, students and parents. At the same time, it introduces the traceability system platform of DaChan, that is, the full transparency of the production process, so that every student and parents can rest assured. Every new term, the marketing team of DaChan will participate in the procurement bidding of school canteens and hundreds of school meal list proposal activities in key cities across the country. The goal of DaChan is to deliver reassuring food to every school.

Figure 2, Promotion meeting of "The first meal of the new semester" of DaChan.

Figure 3, DaChan products are favored by students.

Figure 4,  User proposal activities of "The first meal of the new semester" of DaChan.

Figure 5, The person in charge of the school visits DaChan factory.

Figure 6, The person in charge of the school tries DaChan product.

School food source safety has always been highly valued by the national government and the public. As early as 2009, DaChan introduced the industry-leading product traceability system. All production links from raw material source to food processing were fully recorded. By the traceability system, we can clearly know all process information of chicken products from feeding to food, so that teachers and students can really enjoy traceable, safe and reassuring food.

Figure 7, Traceability system for DaChan.

Figure 8, Traceability system for DaChan.

Moreover, DaChan has also joined the "sunshine canteen" platform of Jiangsu Provincial Education Bureau. This platform is a canteen supervision platform launched by Jiangsu Provincial Education Bureau for middle schools and primary schools in the province. The teachers, parents and people involved can log in to the platform to check the kitchen hygiene of the school canteen and put forward suggestions on students' dietary collocation, so as to make students' school diet safer and healthier. DaChan and Education Bureau work together to create a "protective shield" for students' dining safety.

In the application of meal, DaChan is a leader in the industry, whether it is the innovation of ingredients or dishes. Based on balanced nutrition and scientific diet, the professional chef R & D team of 42 people conforms to the taste preferences of students, regularly updates the meal list and keeps changing, so that every meal of students has a sense of freshness. As a professional meat product processing enterprise, Dachan does not only generate chicken products, but also offers pork and beef products, such as SiXi balls, beef patties and so on. The diverse products enrich the school menu, and  balance the dietary nutrition. In terms of cooking, there are both fried products and steamed and roasted products, such as Kung Fu meat balls and steamed meat cakes, as well as fried products, such as classic small fried meat and quick-frozen fresh locking series, so as to ensure that every meal is not duplicate.

Figure 9, The star product: Salted Crispy Chicken

Figure 10, The new product: Orleans chicken steak with black pepper

Figure 11, The new product: Kung Fu meatballs

Figure 12, The new product: Classic small fried meat

School catering in the post epidemic era is not only the school focus, but also the focus of the parents and the society. DaChan will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "whole process care, rest assured in use", help all schools, and make every meal of students traceable and healthier.

Figure 13, Building school food safety.


Chief Editor:Ying Li

March31, 2022

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