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Chairman James Wei inspected Bengbu Dachan phase II project


Chairman James Wei inspected Bengbu Dachan phase II project

Mr. James WeiChairman of the board of directors of Dachan food (Asia) Co., Ltd., inspected the progress of phase II project of Bengbu Dachan Food Co., Ltd. and made an important speech on February 28.

On the afternoon of the 28th, the sun was warm, and the willows on the side of the road dropped their green branches, a scene full of spring. Chairman James Wei came to Bengbu Dachan, where he mainly listened to the progress report of Bengbu Dachan phase II project, inspected the construction site and visited the local government officials. Qingquan Wang, The senior general manager of the meat business group and the operation director of Bengbu Dachan, called the leaders of the project team to the meeting. There were six people from the Engineering Office of Dachan group, including Consultant Zhicheng Wang and  Assistant manager Yongxiang Gu, the factory manager of Feed Factory, Meat Factory and Food Factory, and the manager of Xueqin Fan, the person in charge of public relations, reported the progress of phase II project, the use of funds and future construction arrangements.

After the meeting, Chairman James Wei, accompanied by the heads of the project team, inspected the construction site of phase II project and carefully asked about the on-site personnel, including accommodation and office conditions, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction. At the construction site of the feed project, Chairman James Wei asked the project leaders of Party A and Party B to improve the safety system, and do a good job in training and supervision to ensure civilized and safe construction. At the food project site, Chairman James Wei asked to speed up the project progress to ensure the smooth completion and meet the supply demand of the market. At the meat project site, Chairman James Wei learned about the land and hydrological characteristics, and proposed to focus on the energy and financial resources to meet the needs of customers. The company can customize the equipment and process flow for customers, produce alienated products, and strive to exceed the expectations of customers. After the project inspection, senior general manager Qingquan Wang and manager Xueqin Fan accompanied Chairman James Wei to visit relevant departments of the local government.

On March 1, senior general manager Qingquan Wang led the heads of various departments to report to Chairman Wei the implementation of the steady development and deepening reform of Bengbu Dachan. Chairman James Wei instructed to "stabilize the status quo, seek development, reduce costs and promote efficiency". Only by achieving better development can we better integrate into the Yangtze River Delta, and encouraged all supervisors to establish everything before it is ready, and waste everything if it is not ready. The new plant must be planned in advance to ensure the implementation of the double carbon goal.

Before leaving Bengbu Dachan, Chairman James Wei once again encouraged colleagues to "go all out to do a good job in Bengbu Dachan phase II project and make it a benchmark for the group and even the industry". We have firm confidence to do a good job in Bengbu Dachan phase II project, adhere to the "stability first and seek progress in stability", implement the development strategy of Bengbu City, Guzhen county and Dachan Group, grasp the integrated development opportunity of the Yangtze River Delta, give full play to our own advantages and ensure the supply of fresh chicken for the people.

Editor in chief: Kai Yuan

March 1, 2022





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