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The DaChan Food Mobilization Meeting in 2021 was Successfully held


Sweep aside dense fog on Lushan Mountain, Setting up bold ambitions

 ——The DaChan Food Mobilization Meeting in 2021 was Successfully held.


Figure 1, Meeting


Towards the end of 2021, in order to summarize the work performance in the past year, clarify the future development plan, enhance team cohesion and create brilliant achievements, the mobilization meeting of DaChan PFS business group was held at ZuiShi hotel at the foot of Lushan Mountain, JiuJiang City, JiangXi Province on December 11, 2021. All PFS business group leaders, regional sales directors, department directors and supervisors were present. The theme of the conference is " Sweep aside dense fog on Lushan Mountain and setting up bold ambitions".

Figure 2, Meeting Site


With the annual review video, the meeting officially kicked off. First, Mr. Norman Sun, executive director of DFA, shared the 2021 achievement Review of each business group of DaChan, recognized the achievements of PFS business group, indicated the development expectations of the group's board of directors for PFS business group, and introduced the project planning of the group's BengBu new factory with an investment of RMB 1 billion, That is to build an automatic production line of full temperature food and the most advanced intelligent storage system in the industry, so as to lay a solid hardware foundation for the future development of PFS business group, and also inject a "booster" into the business growth of PFS business group.

Figure 3, The Speech by Mr. Norman Sun, CEO of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited, Company


Figure 4. Blueprint of BengBu New Factory


Next, Mr.Tommy Tu senior general manager of PFS business group, gave a briefing on the current industry situation, consumption trend and future development, used some popular words such as "inner volume", "Z-era", "diversification", "fragmentation" and "unknowability" to interpret topics from shallow to deep, and made a New Year message.

Figure 5The Speech by Mr. Tommy Tu, Senior General Manager of PFS Business Group


Then, Mr. Chen GuiFeng, general manager of PFS business group, made a speech, which was divided into two topics: business review in 2021 and planning for the next three years. He deployed the work of channel segmentation and expansion, KA development, product development, brand promotion and team building. At the same time, he made it clear that channel segmentation and expansion, KA team breakthrough and retail channel development were key projects, and sent a new year's message.

Figure 6The Speech by Mr. Chen GuiFeng, General Manager of PFS Business Group


After the leader's speech, the director of product planning and channel planning reported respectively, analyzed the channel and product trends, and defined the action plan, such as catering channel segmentation, supplementing new products, LKA and group meal company development planning, etc. The regional sales directors set clear goals for various action plans according to their respective regional conditions, and also shared their successful cases, which were recognized and applauded by everyone, such as the creation of the sales team, the unfamiliar visit and negotiation of customers, the cooperation of supermarket customers, the promotion of baking styles, the product portfolio promotion of group meal customers, etc. The directors of R&D department and Q&A department also report the Department's work summary and planning one by one, and make it clear that they will work together for performance growth, especially for KA team.

Figure 7The Speeches by Product Director, Trade Director, Regional Sales Director, R&D department Director, Q&A department Director


After the report, the award ceremony and the oath ceremony of regional teams pushed the conference atmosphere to a climax.

Figure 8, Award and Oath Scene


During the celebration dinner, the special guest, Mr. Wu ZhiQing, general manager of NanChang YunShuo Trading Co., Ltd., delivered a speech and said that he would work closely with DaChan Group to achieve better results.

Figure 9, The Speeches by Mr. Wu ZhiQing, General Ganager of NanChang YunShuo Trading Co., Ltd.


The programs during the dinner were even more wonderful, with climaxes and bursts of laughter, which also brought a complete end to the conference.

Figure 10, Dinner Entertainment Scene


Chief editor: Zhao Xiaobo

December 30,2021

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