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Bengbu DaChan Phase II Project kick-off rally


Warmly celebrate Bengbu DaChan Phase II Project kick-off rally Successfully held on November 28, 2021

Bengbu DaChan Phase II Project kick-off meeting

On November 28th, Guzhen County Economic Development Zone held the on-site promotion meeting of "double introduction and double recruitment" for Q4 key projects, and the mobilization meeting for the commencement of the second phase project of Bengbu DaChan Food Co., LTD.

At 11:20 DaChan Food (Asia) co., LTD., chairman of the board, Mr James Wei, accompanied by Bengbu Party secretary, Xiao-Wu Huang, Bengbu City municipal committee, deputy secretary of the city government, executive vice mayor, China (Anhui) Free Trade Area Bengbu Area management committee director, Ge Rui, Bengbu City people's congress, the standing committee of the Party group, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee secretary general of the noble, Wu Yongbin, secretary of the Party committee of the county, Shen Mingju, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the county, and other government officials stepped onto the podium.

Mr. James Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DaChan Foods (Asia) Limited, spoke

Under the great attention and care of Bengbu Municipal Party Committee and Government, Guzhen County Party committee and Government and departments at all levels, Bengbu DaChan Phase II project held a grand groundbreaking ceremony here. Chairman James Wei, on behalf of DaChan Group, extended warm welcome to all the leaders and guests present at the ceremony. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends who support and care about the development of Bengbu DaChan Food Co., LTD. Mr. James Wei: "Bengbu DaChan Food Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet that product quality is the lifeline of enterprise development, and always ensures excellent quality, food safety and high hygiene standards. For extending the industrial chain, strongly supported and promoted by the city and country government, DaChan food phase ii project mainly include daily slaughtered 270,000 poultry and 18,000 tons/month meat processing project, yearly processing 600,000 tons of compound feed expanding reconstruction project, yearly processing 46,000 tons of cooked food and 8,000 tons cold storage expansion renovation project, and chicken breeding 56,000 sets of parental generation project. These projects will create more than 4,000 jobs. We believe that Bengbu DaChan Food Co., Ltd. will be able to complete the project construction as scheduled in the excellent environment created by party committees and governments at all levels and provide high-quality services, and will be the main force for the economic prosperity and development of Guzhen County."

Guzhen County Party Secretary Wu Yongbin spoke


Secretary Wu Yongbin first extended warm congratulations to the commencement of the second phase of Bangbu DaChan Food Project. On behalf of the county Party Committee, the county government and the four leading groups, Secretary Wu firmly supports the development and growth of Bengbu DaChan, and hopes DaChan will make contributions to the agricultural development, farmers' income increase and food safety of Guzhen County.

Municipal Party Secretary Huang Xiaowu delivered a speech


Secretary Huang xiaowu first expressed warm congratulations to the commencement of the second phase of Bangbu DaChan Food Project. Bengbu DaChan Food has become a state-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise integrating breeding, hatching, feed processing, slaughtering and meat deep processing. The implementation of the second phase project of DaChan Food meets the actual needs of the expansion of enterprise scale and the extension of industrial chain. It will certainly help the enterprise to further grow bigger and stronger and inject new momentum into the development of Guzhen County and Bengbu City.
Secretary Huang also stressed that over the years, Guzhen county has achieved the transformation from an agricultural county to an industrial county through arduous efforts, and formed the food industry represented by DaChan Group, which together provided strong support for the high-quality development of county economy and achieved obvious results.

Secretary Huang Xiaowu issued the commencement order

Laying the foundation for the second phase project of Bengbu DaChan Food Co., LTD

Government personnel introduced Guzhen County project planning


Ceremony ended, the Secretary Huang came to the exhibition area, and debriefed for Bengbu DaChan Food and Guzhen project propulsion project construction in detail. He required Guzhen to further raise benchmark, improve stance, enlarge pattern, advanced to the Yangtze River Delta Region, to actively pay special attention to the project investment and the " double introduction and double recruitment " for the development of new stage of modernization construction of Bengbu.

Executives of Bengbu DaChan eagerly took a group photo (I)

Executives of Bengbu DaChan eagerly took a group photo (II)


The senior general manager of Bengbu DaChan, Wang Qingquan, and each department director, group representative of engineering room, group research and development center, production line worker representatives, farmer representatives participated in the phase ii project start ceremony. With full of expectation, enthusiastic, uphold integrity and pragmatic spirit of work, they will take the opportunities from DaChan Group and the local government. With the attitude of "doing things right the first time, they will build and develop Bengbu DaChan Phase II well, surpassing the customers’ and shareholders’ expectations.


Chief editor: Yuan Kai

November 28, 2021

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