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2021 Dachan food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Autumn games



2021 Dachan food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Autumn games

The sky was clear and people were refreshed by the cool breeze of autumn.

On September 26, the autumn sports meet of Dachan food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was grandly held with passionate music!


Flag guards and flag teams

In the morning sun, the flag guard team came with a large Dachan logo flag in hand. It was energetic and sonorous. It carried the faith and perseverance of the staff. The colorful flag team followed, colorful and flying high, filled with the vitality and style of the employees. Next, 24 staff teams energetically passed the podium one after another. They were feed team, breeding team, teams of meat factory, teams of cooked food factory, the quality assurance team and sales team. Each dressed team stepped with loud slogans. Each team was creative and wonderful. There were bursts of applause and cheers from the podium and grandstand. This is the most wonderful part in the annual games and the enthusiastic declaration of adults!

Feed Team

Breeding team

Meat production team

Cooked food production team

Cooked food production team

Cooked food production team

Quality assurance team

Meat sales team

Panorama of the opening ceremony

After the wonderful entry, Liu Yuhua, the assistant representative, delivered a speech. In his speech, he recalled the chanllenges and achievements that Dachan met in the past nine months of 2021. Under the environment that COVID-19 has not yet ended, Dachan employees thought the rapid shifts of the market as opportunities to enhance themselves and enhance the company's ability to resist risks. Thank the staff for not being absent in every struggle. Go all out and walk hand in hand.

Speech by associate representative Liu Yuhua

Senior general manager Li WenHuai announced the opening of the athletic meeting

Amid loud applause, Li wenhuai, senior general manager of Dachan, announced the opening of the athletic meeting, and thanked relevant leaders of Dalian, Jinpu new area and Fort Street for their visit and guidance. Besides, he showed the fourth quarter targets in short words: to accelerate the transformation of cooked food, to improve steadily the fresh sales rate, to give full play to the professional advantages of food R & D, to do a good job in customer service, etc. He also looked forward to a good ending in 2021! Finally, he hope all employees can relax and wish the conference a complete success!

A salute rang through the venue, the opening ceremony ended, and the competition and garden party began! The red runway, green field and blue sky and white clouds complement each other. The teams that have just exited in an orderly manner have become a happy ocean. The expected competitive and interesting projects are being prepared in different venues.

Group photo of Feed Team

Group photo of meat production team

Group photo of cooked food production team

At the sound of a gun, the athletes rushed out of the starting line like lightning to the finishing line. The point of 100m is speed and the one of 1500m is endurance. The best relay is the perfect combination of speed and tacit understanding. With a whistle, the athletes played "insect battle", "smooth and stable", "one heart wooden shoes"...happily, They were good team players.

Insect battle" game

At the same time, 22 self-made food stalls were also lively and the business was hot. Adults are experts in making delicious food. We who love work and life are born with creative talent and practical ability. Authentic barbecue, net red freezing point, fruit salad, fried steamed buns, special covered rice...

Finally, exciting tug of war, once again set off the climax of the games, come on! Come on It's not only a competition between teams, but also a PK between cheerleaders. Everyone’s attention has been attracted. It's really an attractive and cohesive project. It's fun! Enjoy it! Great shout!

Award the "best square array Award"

In a few hours of sports meeting, there was laughter and sweat. Adults moved themselves and the others with focus and enthusiasm. Pride and responsibility coexisted. Adults will strive for our vigorous cause with the heart of "integrity, humility and foresight", forge ahead with the spirit of "Invincible and unattainable", and create brilliance again!

Chief editorChen Yali

October 27,2021

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