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Enjoy the sunshine, unite as one, and make progress together


Enjoy the sunshine, unite as one, and make progress together

   - Team building activities of Dachan Food functional headquarters departments in H1 2021

 Reviewing the first half of 2021,in order to enrich the spare time of staffs, cultivate a united and harmonious working atmosphere, and promote the team building of various departments, the Labor Union of Beijing Headquarters organized a series of activities ,and staffs participate actively. This enhanced the staff's team spirit, cohesion and sense of belonging.

With the cohesion and enterprising spirit, our company will develop better and better. We should continue to actively explore the construction of the company's culture, making our team members enjoy working, and contributing more efforts to company.

On April 11, 2021, we organized parent-child team building activities, hiking in the scenic area of Huairou Sanquan Mountain, enjoy beautiful scenery.

Good spirit and healthy body are the guarantee of efficient work and healthy life.Beijing headquarters organized employees to exercises every day on noon time from May 10, 2021. Fitness videos are played in public area for exercising, and we prepared gifts for keeping exercising staffs.

On May 27, 2021 , we organizes staffs to visit porcelain house, Zhang Xueliang's former residence and the Fifth Avenue in Tianjin.

On May 28&29, 2021, we organize training activities to help employees improve their professional skills, to better understand condition of business units, strengthen communication and collaboration among departments, and enhance team cohesion.

When we feel we have lost our way, please remember that , "When you're down, when the sky gets dark, when the work gets boring, when hope isn't there, all you have to do is get on a bike, think nothing , and move on." like Arthur C. Conan K. Doyle once said. On June 19, 2021, we organized a cycling .

Never stop, Work hard and Strive to life!

Chief Editor:Yang Jia

Aug 16,2021

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