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Integrity&Practicability Cultivate talents Win-win future


Integrity&Practicability  Cultivate talents  Win-win future

    ——2021 H1 Training Report Dachan Food Asia Co., LTD.

In order to propagandize the working norms of integrity and practicability, to help the business units to cement team cohesion and develop staffs’ ability of creative thinking , to improve and explore new powers of middle management personnel, to enhance the competitiveness of teams, to achieve the ultimate goal of win-win situation between the company and staffs.

In the glare of Company's Mr. Norman Sun, CEO, and Mr. Jack Chang, CFO and CHO, Dachan Food Asia Co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as DFA) training program was carried out as planned in H1 2021.

Brief address by Mr. James Wei, DFA Chairman

Brief address byMr. Norman Sun, DFA CEO

Brief address by Mr. Jack Chang, DFA CFO&CHO


14 trainings courses have been completed by the time of publishing, there are:

DFA Headquarters Function Center “Excellence Team Training Camp "(ETT), FAN business unit  "Vocation Promotion Training Camp"(VPT), PVM business unit "Talent Development Training Camp"(TDT), PFS business unit  " Management Sales And Production Training" (MSP), New Staff Training And Online TTT Training.

The near 800 participants are DFA headquarters functional department staff, FAN business core and middle management personnel, PVM business unit chiefs and excellent businessmen, PFS business district directors, marketing personnel, baking directors, production team leader and unit chief or above supervisor, key related functional personnel, the various lecturers who from different business units and new staffs who join in company in the first half of year. The company leaders also took  time out to actively participate in training. During the training process, the participants are enthusiastic, listen attentively, interact positively, and take notes carefully.

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The training courses in H1 2021 were designed according to the curriculum, rich in content and practical, combined professional skills with general management, including expansion training as well. The courses meet the professional needs of staffs in the job, improve the staffs' own professional qualities, and stimulate the staffs’ potential. Therefore, the trainees can extremely devoted to their work.

The training courses in H1  included “Scene Leadership”, “Practical Psychology”,  “Interpersonal Communication”, “Problem Analysis and Resolution”, “OKR Work Methods”, “Six Thinking Caps”, “Presentation Skills”, “Workplace Wisdom - Team Communication &Mind Reading”, “5G Thinking - New Media Differentiation Marketing”, “Problem Formulation and Solution Elements”, etc.

Professional skill courses were "Brief Talk on the Business Thinking of Sell Foods in Domestic Market," “How to Read Management Performance From the Financial Reporting," “Feed Production Management and Interpretation”, “Scientific Leading Quality Management for Animal Services”, “How to Sale with Product Value”, “Financial Management- 3 key financial reports analysis”, “Loan Management and Credit Management”, “A brief Analysis on the Development of White Feather Broilers and the One-stop Process of Raw food”, “Animal Protection System Management”, “Dachan Group foods safety quality and assurance” and other courses.

The instructors are experienced in teaching. The lectures were lively and interesting, and the study atmosphere was extremely active. Each instructor is an expert at his or her work, to let trainees not only to better understand key points of the course, but also grasp the essence of the course very well. In the process of teaching, each lecturer was fully interact with trainees, stimulate the trainees' enthusiasm for learning and thinking initiative, everyone benefits greatly.


Lecturer Style

      Training Moments

As of July 26, 2021, the DFA's training of first half year has been successfully completed. All participants said that this training so impressive and everyone gain a lot. It not only enhances everyone's overall professional quality and ability, but also improves staffs' centripetal force to the company and team cohesion.

At the same time, it increased the efficiency and value of staffs to the output of the company, so that company and staffs can benefit from a real win-win situation. Everyone is looking forward to a better training session in H2 2021.


Chief Editor: Li Zhizheng


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