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Dachan Food Asia leads national Bakery Expo


Dachan Food Asia leads national Bakery Expo


The 23rd China National Bakery Expo took place in Shanghai’s Pudong Expo Center from April 27 – April 30 in 2021. This is the largest expo to date since COVID-19.

Dachan Food Asia has involved its partners Rupp and Taiwan Ham to join the presentation line and created the largest company gallery as of 2021.

Dachan’s focus this year is with high end bakery by capitalizing on the aroma and texture of its meat products. The presentation and taste test solidified the company’s standing as a high end supplier.

China’s bakery industry grew immensely after COVID, creating new demand for bakery products. As the market engine of high end bakery meat products Dachan has pushed a unique support crew to help these stores acquire market share via quality products.



Dachan’s presentation site is split into five categories: Japanese Baked Goods, European Baked Goods, Cold Plates, Salad, and Cheese products. Each aisle is supplemented with related meat and cheese products. Showcasing innovative ways to involve them into high end bakery goods.










        The company’s strength lies in its extensive network of bakery chefs who act as consultants for business clients who benefit greatly from custom tailored recipes using company ingredients.

The company aisle organized food tastings every day and night for 4 continuous days, demonstrating burger, sandwich, pizza applications.The lines lasted for days on end. Key clients were given ‘green cards’ for priority orders at the back of the stage.







Dachan Food Asia’s chairman James Hsu, executive Tommy Du, and vice executive Grant Chen spearheaded the event, personally greeting requests from clients over the country. Chen was interviewed on CCTV to share his insights on China’s growing bakery market.

Dachan aims to have a master team of 200 staff as of 2024 and take over the immense market.


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