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Dachan Distributors Summit Successfully Completed in 2021


Dachan Distributors Summit Successfully Completed in 2021

Photo 1:The Scene of DaChan Distributors Summit

DaChan distributors summit and spring new products press conference were held in Sanya, Hainan Province from March 31 to April 1, 2021. Hundreds of excellent distributors from all over the country gathered together to talk about the future.

Photo 2:Entrance of DaChan Distributors Summit

Photo 3:The Development of DaChan Group

Photo 4:The Scene of DaChan Distributors Summit

Photo 5:The Speech by Mr. Sun Teh-Hong, CEO of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited, Company

Photo 6:The Speech by Mr. Tu Feng, Senior General Manager of DFA Food Business GroupPhoto 7:The Speech by Mr. Chen GuiFeng, General Manager of DFA Food Business Group

Mr. Sun Teh-Hong, CEO of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited Company, attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. Then, Mr. Tu Feng, senior general manager of DFA food business group, gave an overview of the catering industry after the epidemic. Mr. Chen GuiFeng, general manager of DFA food business group, explained the marketing strategy on how to help distributors, and invited representatives to launch ceremony of Dachan Distributors summit.

Photo 8:The Launching Ceremony of DaChan Distributors Summit

As the first distributors conference after the epidemic, DaChan Group invited industry celebrities from catering, new media and enterprise management consulting to share relevant topics for distributors from the perspectives of catering industry development trend, new media marketing strategy and team operation. The hot content aroused the whole audience's resonance and thunderous applause throughout the audience.

Photo 9:Mr. Wu Kung Ting, Guest Lecturer of SPACE China School of Business, University of Hong Kong, shares the theme of “The development trend of catering chain in the new retail environment”.

Photo 10: Mr. Gao YongCai, Senior Researcher of E-commerce of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, shares the theme of “Research on new media precision marketing strategy”.

Photo 11:Mr. Wang Tong, Senior Consultant of Marketing Management, shares the theme of "sales team building and channel segmentation and expansion".

After sharing themes by celebrities, it is another highlight of the summit "frozen products industry summit forum". The host invited all the celebrities, outstanding distributors and representatives of DaChan Group to participate in the forum. The discussion focused on the opportunities and challenges brought by the new retail model for the frozen products industry, the differentiated competitive advantage of DaChan Group, and the new product marketing strategy. Through the host's interactive questions, all the guests expounded their views from their respective perspectives. Through sharing the specific successful cases of cooperation with DaChan, the representatives of distributors reached resonance with the on-site partners again and again, which pushed the on-site atmosphere to the climax. All the partners stood up and applauded for the guests.

Photo 12: The Scene of Frozen Products Industry Summit Forum

Photo 13:

Mr. Mao MingLin, General Manager of Shenzhen Jincheng Baiwei Food Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang JianHua, General Manager of Tianjin Yongfengye Trading Co., Ltd

Ms. Li Kun, General Ganager of Shenyang Yashilian Trading Co., Ltd

Photo 14:The Photo with Guests in Summit Forum

On the first day of the summit, the welcome barbecue dinner was held outdoor .Combined with the pleasant climate, it created a very comfortable and pleasant dining environment. Everyone enjoyed eating, drinking and chatting.

Photo 15:The Scene of Outdoor Barbecue Dinner on The First Day

Photo 16:The Scene of Outdoor Barbecue Dinner on The First Day

The next day , it is the core content of the conference "spring new product launch". Mr. Wang DongZe, director of product planning, started to decrypt the new products for everyone. Along with the introduction of the new products, the organizing committee specially prepared a synchronous new product tasting session to enable the distributors to obtain a full range of interactive experience. Then, there was a more vivid new product application display and exchange. The organizing committee set up corresponding exhibition areas according to different product application channel scenarios (casual dining, group meal, catering, baking, hot pot, retail), and displayed different product dishes, which were unanimously recognized by distributors. They consulted product information and took photos.

Photo 17:  The Speech by Mr. Wang DongZe, Product Planning Director of DFA Food Business Group

Photo 18: The Scene of New Product Display and Tasting

In the afternoon, the organizing committee invited representatives of DaChan Group to present awards one by one and take a group photo. Subsequently, Mr. Wang Biao, director of marketing planning, announced the new product ordering policy during the conference. The distributors placed orders and connected the remittance with the organizing committee. The scene was orderly.

Photo 19: The Scene of Award Presentation

Photo 20: Mr. Wang Biao, Marketing Planning Director of DFA Food Business Group

The drum dance program kicked off the thank you dinner. Mr. Sun Teh-Hong delivered a toast for everyone. The subsequent performance and several rounds of live lucky draw made the scene climax.

Photo 21:Mr. Sun Teh-Hong deliver a Toast for The Thank You Dinner

Photo 22:The Scene of The Thank You Dinner

Photo 23:The Scene of The Lucky Draw and Group Photo

Photo 24: The Team Style of Organizing Committee

Photo 25: The Group Photo of Summit Members

With the careful preparation of the organizing committee and the active cooperation of distributors, the summit was successfully completed. We believe it will become another grand event in the history of bilateral cooperation. DaChan Group will continue to uphold the enterprise values of honesty, humility and foresight, continuously develop new products and innovative services in combination with new demands of the industry, and work together with the distributors to "forge ahead and win together".

Photo 26: The Group Photo of Summit Members


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