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The NO.2 Breeder Farm Groundbreaking Ceremony of BENGBU DACHAN


The NO.2 Breeder Farm Groundbreaking Ceremony of BENGBU DACHAN

On the morning of March 23, 2021, the No.2 Breeder Farm Groundbreaking Ceremony of Bengbu Dachan Food Co., Ltd. was held in Haoheng Town, Guzhen County,Bengbu. The supervisor of Operation Department, Wang Qingquan, the project consultant, Wang Zhicheng, the supervisor of Feed R&D Department, Pan Zhaohui, the assistant manager of Project Center, Gu Yongxiang and other operation managers of Bengbu Dachan attended the ceremony.

At 10:18 a.m., the groundbreaking ceremony began. Mr. Wang Qingquan as the speaker first summarized the achievements of the joint efforts of Bengbu Dachan in the past stage and looked forward to the development after the production expansion in 2021. He asked everyone to continue to carry forward Dachan Group's spirit of "honesty, humility and foresight", dare to challenge and innovate, realize fine management, move forward pragmatically and continue to create a better performance.

The speech come to completed, firecracker was fired, and everyone raise the earth and cultivate the foundation.

A salute was fired

Lay the foundation together

Finally, all departments in turn burn incense to pray for the smooth and safe completion of the project.

The groundbreaking ceremony came to a successful conclusion.


Project introduction

Bengbu Dachan Food Co., Ltd. new No.2 Breeder Farm project is located in Ligan village, Haocheng Town, Guzhen County, covering an area of 113 mu. It plan to build 8 chicken houses, raising 55,000 sets of parent generation broiler breeders, and the fixed assets investment budget is estimated about 20 million yuan. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2021 and put into use by the end of October 2021. After putting into production, it is expected to produce 5 million commercial broiler chicks per year.


Bengbu incubates Wang Hao

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