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Pay attention to food safety, build professionals, strengthening and improvement


Pay attention to food safety, build professionals, strengthening and improvement

-HACCP system intensive training

Dachan Group has always paid great attention to food quality, every year organized internal or external training on food safety management system for QA,R&D, production and other different positions of new and old employees, aimed at strengthening the basis of food safety management, for Dachan Group food safety escort!

HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is mainly the safety control of biological, chemical and physical hazards in food. HACCP is recommended by Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) as the most cost-effective way to ensure food safety, and is a globally accepted standard for safe food production and a principle for establishing a food safety management system.

Dachan Group HACCP system has been operating for more than 20 years, thanks to the effective operation and continuous improvement of HACCP system, the Group's quality management and product quality has been won the recognition of industry professionals and consumers! Face to the increasingly fierce market competition and to maintain the core competitiveness of the enterprise, on December 9, 2020, the Quality Assurance Center specially organized the core employees to carry out the centralized training of "HACCP food safety management system internal auditor training" with the strong support of the Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sun Dehong.


This training, Dachan Group specially hired senior audit expert Mr. Jiang Hong from the world-known certification company DNV, Mr. Jiang Hong has rich experience in auditing and practical training. During the three-day training, Mr. Jiang Hong gradually brought a wonderful lessons to the employees step by step. From the background of HACCP, to the key terms and definitions, from the basic principles, team building and the five preparatory steps, to how to carry out hazard analysis, identify the Critical Control Points(CCPs), create key constraint metrics, how to monitor, correct, confirm and verify the HACCP plan, and documents and records keeping. In the third day of training, Mr. Jiang Hong combined with the actual audit occurred in a variety of cases, focusing on taught the audit methods and techniques. The speech including preparation for the audit, the formulation of audit plans, the implementation of audit steps, when non-conformity is found, how to fully communicated with the auditee, raising and closing of non-conformance, etc. . Through the above-mentioned learning, employees can be qualified for the role of the company's internal auditors, who contribute their own strength for group quality system, continuous improvement and effective operation.

Mr. Jiang's teaching style is interesting, specially added the practical training. More than 30 participants are divided into five groups, each from different factories. With our factory production line of star products German sausage and Dachan salted crisp chicken as an example, all the groups received different tasks, through members brainstorming, intense discussions and finally reached a consensus to complete the task. After each project is completed, the group representative will share the analysis procedure and outcomes. Each real and vivid drill can make the employees remember deeply and really achieve the use of learning.

At the end of the training, all the participants passed the Internal Auditor Qualification Examination and obtained the HACCP System Internal Auditor Qualification Certificate issued by DNV.

The three-days training activities has completed successfully! We believed that through professional learning, the activities of HACCP group will be carried out more orderly, the implementation of HACCP program will be more accurate, HACCP system will operate more practical, more scientific and more effective! Food safety should be ensured by all employees and the whole process!

 "Dachan strives for your healthy life" is our mission. Establishing and perfecting the food safety traceability system, to create high-quality and safe food attentively, we have been in action! We believe China's food safety will be better tomorrow!


Chief editor: SongZengXian

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