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DaChan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd.-Autumn Sports Games


DaChan Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd.-Autumn Sports Games

In an invigorating autumn climate season, with the steps demonstrating growth and prosperity, the "2020 Fun Sports Games & Garden Party" of DaChan Food (Dalian) is officially launched on 26th September 2020. DaChan Food is now an eagle spreading its wings, and flying high to the sky. Every DaChan member is now ready to go, and fight for the honor and for their team!



The annual "Fun Sports Games & Garden Party" is a stage for DaChan members to show their spirit, be a grand gathering together, and also the best wishes to DaChan’s profitable future embracing harvest autumn annually.


The first chapter of the Games is neat lineup parade. Every teams is marching well with full of spirit, shining faces, bright uniform, and a resounding slogan. Clapping and cheers greeted when each team passing by the rostrum. In working place, everyone cooperate and encourage each other, try hard to be the advanced individual. In the arena, we will adhere to "Friendship first, Competition second", carry on the the power of teamwork, the spirit of "No best, Only Better", and the faith of "Speed will eventually light our passion and hardworking is the path to victory".






The senior assistant Manager Liu yuhua deliver a speech at the beginning of the second chapter of the Games. The speech reviewed our achievement of production upgrading under the CV-19 pandemic for a half year, and showcased our determination and achievements on expanding the local and international market.  



In the third chapter, our senior General Manager Li Wenhuai announced the opening of the Games with the salute chorused across the sky during the third chapter of the Games. The entire arena was transported to great joy with happiness.



The most exciting sports is track and field among diversified fun sports. Leading by GM li and executives, our employees actively participated in various sports activities. Every year, GM li and his executive team will take part in the 100 meter race and relay, their fighting spirit encouraged everyone.




The event of the Games including wind fire wheels, tug of war, river crossing by feeling stones, one mind wooden shoes, kangaroo relay, etc. The Games referees composed of section chief and administration staffs. The entire process is extremely intense and exciting. All the participating players are full of energy, and their families and friends will cheer them up. The scene is boisterous. In short, it is full of fun and challenges, and also tests the spirit of teamwork.


Outside the sports arena, our garden tour booths are also booming. The employees make a variety of delicacies, and then purchase them with vouchers. This novel and unique shopping method is really awesome, and also a best practice for employee to improving their practical and innovation ability.


Though suffering from the current epidemic, our success in throwing this "Fun Sports Games & Garden Party" is for bring more leisure activities for our employees. Meanwhile, it’s also a reward for our periodical achievement and motivate our employees to win in a sprint finish for the year and ready for 2021.





"The Saint finishes what he has started", DaChan has given us the opportunity to be together, and a platform for coordinated development and realize our dreams. “There is no mountain so high that we can’t reach and no rock so hard that we can’t break.” DaChaners will consistently embrace the philosophy of "integrity, modesty and forward-looking", moving forward and create a new era.



We have the honor to participate in DaChan's past, and we will never be absent from her future!


Chief Editor: Zhao Nan

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