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The first Tianjin Dachan Art Festival ended successfully


Gathering together to ride the wind and waves

——The first Tianjin Dachan Art Festival ended successfully

When the time is jihai in gengzi, in order to enrich the employees’ spare time motivate the employees more cohesive, strengthen the employees spirit of teamwork, and create a positive corporate culture atmosphere, so as to enhance the satisfaction of employees and enhance their engagement. Tianjin DaChan art festival activity with the theme of “gathering together to ride the wind and waves”ended successfully on August 31, 2020.

With the strong support of the labour union of DaChan Wanda (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., the human resources department took the lead in organizing and planning the festival, and cooperated with all the factories and departments in Tianjin area, which obtained the positive response and participation of employees. There were 5 different types of show, including 34 performances in the whole event, presenting a visual feast!

At 17:38 p.m., the time of sunset on Haihe River, the first DaChan Art Festival started on time. Leaders and special guests attending the event include: the executive director Mr. Sun Dehong, the special assistant to the executive director Ms. Yang Dongmin, the senior general manager of food business group Mr. Du Feng, the general manager of food business group Mr. Chen Guifeng,the general manager of feed business group Mr. Hu Jinshui, the deputy general manager of feed and poultry feed research and development Mr. Pan Zhaohui, the chairman of labour union Ms. Wang Ying, the manager of feed factory Mr. Wang chunrui, the manager of hatchery factory Ms. Tong Shuang, the manager of Luopu DaChan factory Mr. Yi Shuai, and  special guest Mr. Wang Zhicheng.

First of all, the executive director Mr. Sun Dehong gave a speech for star event. He mentioned that our company, with the joint efforts of all colleagues in the past two years, has been constantly improving its profitability. The company encourages all departments to hold more corporate cultural activities such as cultural festival and MSP supervisor training activities held by food business group, so that all employees can feel the care of the company, get the company’s training, and live a happy life after hard work! The executive director also wish everyone all the best on work and health!

The festival officially started with the ethnic dance "xianazi" performed by xinjiang beauties. It has been half a year since these xinjiang girls came to Tianjin in early March. They have been integrated into our big family and adapted to their life in Tianjin. They are enthusiastic, cheerful and full of love for life. Where they are, there are songs and jokes. Their spirit has also infected other colleagues around them, truly reflecting the great ethnic unity and integration!

The dance "priceless sister - riding the wind and breaking the waves" brought by the beauties of the hatchery factory is particularly suitable for the theme of this art festival. And they also specially invited a special guest. She is the daughter ofan employee Mr. Ren Youli of the hatchery. She really supports her father's work! After the activity, Lu Caihong, one of the performers, wrote a sentiment in the circle of friends on Wechat platform: women can't give up their pursuit of youth, yearning for the trend and unlimited passion for life because of their age! Being yourself is the best! Come on!

Highlights of wonderful event


A chorus "Great China" performed by the staff representatives of the feed factory expresses the love for the motherland and the company, the unity and struggle spirt of DaChan, and the feelings of the Chinese people for home and country!

The dance "the fire is on fire" performed by the staff of the administrative department of the food factory ignited the climax of the whole activity, and also indicated that the life of DaChan people and the company achievement could be on fire!

Highlights of wonderful event


At the end of the activity, the executive director Mr. Sun Dehong, Mr. Du Feng and Mr. Wang Zhicheng jointly sang“the serenade of Green Island”. In the waves of warm applause, the festival successfully came to an end!

This festival has greatly inspired the morale of the staff, and also felt the company's care for employees. Wonderful dance, wonderful song, these will be a beautiful memory! But this is only the prelude, let's continue the wonderful together!

Editor:Wang Hailong

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