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2020 6th Global New E-commerce Conference-Hangzhou E-commerce Exhibition


2020 6th Global New E-commerce Conference- Hangzhou E-commerce Exhibition


Following the new changes in catering and embracing new social retail, DaChan successfully appeared at the Global New  E-commerce Conference.

From July 29th to July 31st, the 2020 6th Global New E-commerce Conference was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center. Mr. Chen Guifeng, general manager of the Food Business Department of DaChan Group, led the business staff from East China to participate in the event. In line with the theme of the conference "new retail micro-commerce and social e-commerce", DaChan participated in the exhibition with a variety of hot-selling products from new retail channels such as community group-buying e-commerce and online live shopping e-commerce, which became a highlight of the exhibition.

This conference is hosted by Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Association, Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Promotion Association, and the Organizing Committee of the Global New E-commerce Conference. Famous e-commerce companies, top anchors, MCN agencies, social new retail, industrial service agencies, etc. participate , Exchange new products, new technologies and new models in the live broadcast e-commerce industry. As a leading company in chicken, processed food and feed in the Chinese market, we selected innovative products for a concentrated display, including various snacks, Taiwanese cuisine, hot pot ingredients, light meals, fast-handed chefs and other series of hot sales. The products are very suitable for the selection needs of household food consumption and social e-commerce. On the day of the opening ceremony, our booth attracted many exhibitors and visitors to visit and consult.


According to the China Social E-commerce Industry Development Report released by the Internet Association of China, the compound growth rate of my country’s social e-commerce market in the past five years was 60%, and the turnover reached RMB 1.2 trillion last year. At present, the number of social e-commerce consumers in my country has exceeded 500 million, and the number of employees has exceeded 40 million. In fact, as early as 2017, the food business group has launched products aimed at home ingredients, and named them "family packaging" series of products. Since 2018, with the development of the new retail model of "community grouping", the "family packaging" series products have been registered on various community group buying platforms, and have quickly become the benchmark for imitating in the industry. 

With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the catering industry is facing a severe setback. In the face of the trend of home-based food and community-based shopping, we immediately adjusted our focus, expanded community-based retail channels and increased "home packaging" product development. In March, the sales amount of "home packaging" series products exceeded RMB 10 million, and the sales volume exceeded 50,000 boxes. The sales of the e-commerce team increased by 230% year-on-year. After the epidemic, with the acceleration of online shopping consumption, social e-commerce based on online social media and through customer participation to promote online purchase and sale of products and services has flourished. Social e-commerce has achieved model upgrades through sharing, content production, and distribution, and has become the main force of e-commerce innovation. We will continue to develop new products, expand new channels, and better serve new and old customers with the corporate values of " Prospect, Sincerity, Modesty " to adapt to the changes of the times. 

Among the various social e-commerce models nowadays, the mobile phone live-streaming order shopping model is becoming more and more popular, and it has become a new social trend. According to relevant research data, in 2019, the transaction value of China's live-streaming e-commerce industry reached RMB 451.29 billion, a year-on-year increase 200.4%, accounting for 4.5% of the overall scale of online shopping. The Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas have always been the front lines for the development of various e-commerce in China. During the exhibition, Manager Shen, the head of the Jiangsu Office in East China, broadcasted live online sales, which increased the popularity of the booth to a climax. Visitors rushed to stay to consult about product content.

With the arrival of many visitors, reporters from CCTV-9 Recording Channel interviewed and filmed our booth. Manager Li of North China Regional Planning was interviewed on the spot. She introduced the development history of DaChan Group and the core of the food industry chain in detail. The value is " Traceable & Reliable". She also briefly described how we adapt to new changes and expand new channels.

In the future, we will continue to explore new needs for industry development, sort out new ideas, develop new products, embrace new markets, better serve new and old customers, and strive to "become the most respected food company in the world".

Editor:Wang Biao

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