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The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Liaoning Greatwall Agri-industrial Co.,Ltd. was successful completely.


Carrying forward our cause and forging ahead into the future with standing together regardless of situation in past 30 years, the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Liaoning Greatwall Agri-industrial Co.,Ltd. was successful completely.

The Celebration of 30th Anniversary of Liaoning Greatwall Agri-industrial Co.,Ltd. was held in Shenyang between 17th and 18th July 2020. More than 500 honoured guests attended this grand celebration including Chairman Anning Wei and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dehong Sun of Dachan food (Asia) Limited, local government, industry associations, financial institutions, suppliers, distributors, direct-sales, center managers of areas and honorary retirees etc. The theme of this celebration included three chapters: gratitude, striving and commitment. The activities included food plaza, factory tour, birthday party, and guests visiting Dachan live studio etc. Remind of appreciation in the past, watch our sprit of struggle currently, and look forward responsibility in the future.

《 Pictures of the scene of the annual gala party 》


《 Pictures of the scene of the annual gala party 》


Heading to north from Taiwan to Liaoning, we’ve been striving with a grateful warm heart although the weather is more and more cold following the way. Haoran Han, the founder of the Dachan Greatwall Group, established the first company in Shenyang with the wish of giving back to hometown and benefiting people. Ability of production and sales of fodder have increased year by year. 30 years of struggle of Dachaners, 30 years of hard work of leaders and 30 years of steady development of the group have laid the solid foundation for today. Many customers who have been 60 years old said, “I choose Dachan because of its high quality of the products which never disappointed me.” Debiao Yang, the manager of Liaoning profit center, believe that high quality products were made from our good personality. We grown up with our customers with closely relationship, and are grateful for the strong backup of the group, the technical support of Taiwan parent company, the care of governments at all levels, the help from brother companies, and the support and love by many customers.

《 Liaoning Dachan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd. 》


《 Panoramic picture of the company 》


《 Photo overlooking the new factory of Liaoning Dachan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd. 》


After 30 year’s hard work, we have won countless honors. Liaoning Greatwall has been prized by the departments at all levels as “National Top 100 Feed Industrial Enterprises”, “Liaoning Province Double Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprises”, “ Shenyang Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise”, National High Tech Enterprise”,etc. Honesty, Humility, and Foresight are culture of our enterprise, which help us to develop our hometown in northeast of China.

《 Enter the factory in charge of the group participating in the celebration 》


《 Mr. Sun Dehong, CEO of Dachan Food 》


Dehong Sun, CEO of Dachan Group, delivered a speech at the celebration that “It’s really appreciated for all of you to attend the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Liaoning Greatwall. 30 years made today’s Liaoning Greatwall. Our enterprise can’t go through the 30 years without the help and team hardworking of everybody here. In next few years, we will improve the quality of our products, R&D technology, satisfy our customers to win more customers’ trust under the leadership of Chairman Wei and management’s efforts.

《 Mr. Wei Anning, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dachan Food 》


Anning Wei, Chairman of the board of directors of the Dachan food (Aisa) Limited., said: “Liaoning Greatwall is the flagship enterprise of Dachan Group. It conformed the trend of history, seized the opportunity of development and made today’s prosperity and glory. We will build up a long-term and close cooperation with local government under the guide of our enterprise culture that is honesty, humility and foresight. Meanwhile we will innovate the low-protein feed, strengthen the immune technology of feed in response to the call of the state, so as to make a contribution to the promotion of food safety and healthy development of China. With the support of everyone here, Liaoning Greatwall can have a bright future. Let’s witness the rise of Liaoning Greatwall and create a new world of career development and draw a blueprint of bright future together”

《 Blessing picture of Taiwan parent company 》


《 Mr. Zhuang Kunyan, General Manager of Taiwan Dachan Great Wall 》


Playing VCR on the large screen, full of blessing expressed by the Taiwan head office and brother group companies. Kunyan Zhuang, the General Manager of Taiwan Greatwall Group, also expressed that ;“ Liaoning Greatwall, known as the leader in domestic market, as well as the flagship of Dachan Group, will make a bright future under the leadership of Rendi Hua and Debiao Yang. I’m so proud of being a Dachaner. On behalf of colleagues of Taiwan Greatwall Group, I wish the Liaoning Greatwall happy birthday.”

《 Photo of the guest as a guest in the studio 》


On the day, a declaration of no resistance and a conference of solving costumers’ problem were held online at same time. We also invited five distinguished guests to be online interact with our customers in the live broadcast room hosted by Zeliang Wang and Li Zhang. Professor Xianjun Liu from Shenyang Agriculutral University, Mr. Weiqian Xu, from Dachan Yongkang, Mr. Chunji Xu,from Chunji Pig Farm, Mr. Jinshui Hu from Dachan R&D department, and Dr. Wenxing Hong from the Taiwan Dachan, made a professional speech about the development of no resistance feed and pointed the road for our farmers and dealers. According to incomplete statistics, the number of people watching the webcast platform was up to 110000, and official content of Liaoning Greatwall video number has exceed 150000.

《 Customers visit Liaoning Dachan premix workshop 》


That activities on the day were well arranged in order, the factory was like a big carnival. Hundreds of guests who can free to enjoy the Dachan food and cakes, visited factory’s production workshop and quality control laboratory. They were shocked by various of advanced and modernization equipment and the sanitation. Most of the guests enjoyed themselves during the play of cello on the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Liaoning Greatwall.

《 Hou Mingfei, a customer of Zhangwu 》


During the activities, Qinghui Yang, the host of live broadcast, interviewed several dealers randomly. “Liaoning Greatwall is like my family. Our two generations have been working with Dachan feed for over 30 years. My parents love Dachan like loving their children. Now I love Dachan, too, this is like a continuation of love. We are so grateful that not only the accumulation of wealth, but also the inheritance of spirit. Dachan gave me much more than I desired. Making a right choice is far more important when doing business. I’m expecting a the bright future of Liaoning Greatwall.” Mingfei Hou, the dealer of Zhangwu area, said with tears.

《 Zhu Guoxing, President of Liaoning Agricultural products and Veterinary Drug Feed Inspection Institute 》


Guoxing Zhu, the President of Liaoninig Agricultural Products and Veterinary Medicine and Feed Inspection and Testing Institute, gave a high comment that: “Liaoning Greatwall has turned the advanced concept of feed industry into practice in Liaoning. In the 1990s, Liaoning produced 900000 tons of meat annually, and now it has reached more than 4million tons. Liaoning Greatwall contributed a lot as its growth. Wish the best to the Liaoning Greatwall.”

《 Dachan Food Exchange Plaza in the company's factory area 》 -1


《 Dachan Food Exchange Plaza in the company's factory area 》 -2


《 Dachan Food Exchange Plaza in the company's factory area 》 -3


《 Dachan Food Exchange Plaza in the company's factory area 》 -4


《 Dachan Food Exchange Plaza in the company's factory area 》 -5


《 Dachan Food Exchange Plaza in the company's factory area 》 -6


After the complete success of the ceremony, General Manager Rendi Hua, expressed his congratulations: “I would like to thank Debiao Yang , the leader of Liaoning profit center, and all the members who prepared the event day and night. The guests and management department of the group gave high recognition to this celebration event. Thanks the Chairman Wei and CEO Sun for their high attention. Also thanks the Chunan Zhou, Vice General Manager of Dachan, Gongchan,Guifeng Chen, General Manager of Dachan Food,Wenhuai Li, Senior General Manager of Dachan Food, for all their full support, who let more our customers to know about Dachan’s gourmet and promoted our corporate image.

《 Birthday cake photo 》


《 Photo of guests toasting together 》


Glory belong to yesterday, future still need ours’ effort. 30 years is a milestone in the development of Liaoning Greatwall, also a hopeful beginning. The ceremony will open a new chapter for Liaoning Greatwall. Liaoning is as same as oldest son of Republic of China, and Liaoning Greatwall is the leader and flagship of the Group. This reliance is our responsibility forever; we will make arduous efforts and keep forging ahead. This is like our commitment that keep integrity in business, and modesty in service, prospect tomorrow, and make great achievement together. The guests shared a cake of 30 years anniversary in violin music. Debiao Yang (the center manager of Laioning Greatwall Profit department) and Rongzhen Wang (the center manager of Liaoning Preparation Profit department) opened a wine, and all the guests cheers to the celebration and sang the song of Beyond the Dream. Various of images such as Majestic iceberg, delicate beacon tower of Great Wall, luxuriant black land in Northeast China and extensive Inner Mongolia steppe appear alternately on the large screen. Many elements constitute the 30 years brilliant past; Liaoning Greatwall is exploring more vast potential for future development, carrying forward our cause and forging ahead into the future with standing together regardless of situation in the past 30 years.

 Editor:Zhang Jianhong

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